Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Snoozy Bo-bos

There was a hell of a racket today as a convoy of fuel protesters' lorries, horns blaring, trundled through my neck of the woods heading towards Westminister...

Loud they might have been but not loud enough to wake up the two blokes who parked outside my front door in a officially authorised clamperwagon for a refreshing little nap...

hmmm, taking on a horde of hairy out of town truckers or snoozy bo-bos?

tough call


and, in other London transport related news, is it just me or is there the faint whiff of goatse about this new Tube poster...



Garry Nixon said...

Is it just me or do the fuel protesters' spokespeople always sound barmy on the radio?

Stef said...

They do have a certain air about themselves

and if you do some rooting around you find that some of the leaders, of the 2000 protest certainly, have some very interesting friends

Merkin said...

My sister met Princess Anne and said she was very nice.

Meanwhile, I Google-Earthed Stef's photos and cross referenced them to find that lo-and-behold Our Stef actually lives in Monacco.
Triumph of research.

Stef said...

That would be the Monaco that's twinned with Stockwell

Anonymous said...

Fitts on form, again.

1, 2.

Merkin said...

Well, Stef, I can see the similarities between the two cities.
Many years ago, I used to stay there from time to time, near Tradescant.
Last time was while I was awaiting a flight to Brazil (dangerous conspiracy afoot).
Anyway, we went to the Stockwell Tavern on a Sunday lunchtime to see the male stripper.
Got in and had to leave almost immediately.
Was like sardines and the wafting aftershave from all these guys could easily have been chemical warfare.
I was sick as a pig.
Halcyon days, even though it was one day after the Kings Cross disaster.

I feel seven degrees away from Osama Forrest Gump.

PS my tonight's article stole, as usual, a good bit from you and the boys.
Any comment welcome.