Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Wings of the same Bird

I've just got back from picking up a few things at my local Tescos. One recent change which has been made to the shop layout caught my eye. The entrance to the supermarket is now flanked by mounds of big boxes of items on special, discount store style; tins of budget baked beans, canned hot dog sausages and Haribo all being sold '2 for one'

Hmmm, sacharine sweetened beans, mechanically recovered pigs’ lips in brine and artificially flavoured gelatine; all available at half price, yum yum

Tescos' highly trained food technicians had obviously put a lot of thought into providing the ingredients for a perfectly balanced, cost-effective, two course meal in these difficult times of high food inflation.

It’s little things like this which give a clue as to how shit life is becoming for people who were already stretched before their food and energy bills started leaping up by 20, 30, 40%


But fret not, our governing political party understands the concerns of its electorate.

To see just how focused the Labour Party is on the real issues I recommend a quick peek at staunch working class warrior Moyra Tamsin Dunwoody-Kneafsey’s campaign page for this week’s Crewe and Nantwich by-election

…where you can see that, in its attempt to turn the local parliamentary seat into an inherited fiefdom, the Labour Party is taking a strong stand against legal immigrants and underclass 'yobs' and demonising people it doesn’t like on the basis of their origins/ accidents of birth

It’s getting quite difficult now, even after exercising all the insight and empathy that I can muster, to understand why anyone still votes for this bunch of hypocritical c**ts



jon doy said...

shit food "may be form part of a balanced, healthy diet" they tell us

up to six grams of salt a day is healthy

they tell us

the tories are the ones who support people with big mansions they tell us

all very telling

Anonymous said...

It didn't help when it was revealed the Dunwoody herself is the granddaughter of a Baroness and lives in a mansion on a 6 acre estate in Wales. Not to mention Tony Blair's £5 million luxury property portfolio paid for by milking his time as PM for every thing its worth.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story here about Tesco.

"The Guardian yesterday made a formal offer of amends to the supermarket chain Tesco over reports which had claimed that the company had set up an elaborate complex of offshore companies to avoid paying up to £1bn of corporation tax on a series of property deals. But the newspaper made it clear that it would strenuously defend a malicious falsehood claim by the company."

ziz said...

Candidate Timpson's Dad used to pack down as tight head prop when Ziz was a hooker. Inheritor of considerable wealth, and all roud good geezer who has fostered over 300 children over the last 40 years, liked and respected by all his staff.

He is the last "toff" that anyone could reasonably deride and quite rightly this juvenile campaign has immediately faltered.

This is not an endorsement of the child of his loins - my money is on Miss Great Britain, AKA Gemma Garrett.""I may not know a lot about politics yet but I do know about people" she is quoted as saying ...

paul said...

Dunwoody's gran was a suffragette she proudly claims, but that is the kind of activity her government strives so hard to crack down on.
No doubt she would be proud of gran, but strenuously support the rule of law in ASBO'ing her up

Wolfie said...

For some people you can never have too much class war. It has been such a wonderful distraction from the real show these last 100 years or so, folks may not have seen the light but at least they are getting bored of it. Perhaps the taste of food that even a Victorian pauper would vomit on may focus the mind.

Stef said...

I think you'll find that it's specially formulated to prevent that sort of thing