Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kneel before Zod!!

'Truth' mashup videos are two a penny on the Internet these days and I find myself grazing through an awful lot of them

Many of the vids aren't that well made and betray the lack of experience and judgment of their producers whose average age is, I suspect, about 15

Still, it's truly heartening to know that at least some kids aren't spending
all their time fiddling with themselves and playing GTA. An 80:20 Self-Abuse to Truth Video production ratio seems like a reasonable and sustainable balance to aim for

OK, maybe 90:10

And even though the genre is relatively young, many Truth mashup videos already tend towards cliche and seem to be made on the understanding that inclusion of All Seeing Eyes, Pyramids and clips from old Sci-Fi movies is mandatory

I love ASEs, hierarchical symbolism and John Carpenter flicks as much as the next Loon and understand why people refer to them but the problem is that by doing so those people line themselves for the accusation that they have trouble confusing reality, whatever th f**k that is, with movies

Does a video which seeks to communicate the fact that every US President and British Prime Minister of the last few years has had a hard-on for the expression 'New World Order' communicate its message any better because it includes clips from Superman which also refer to a NWO?

Unless those clips are being used as part of a parody, I'm not sure that it does

It's infotaining enough though, particularly if you throw in a New (World) Order backing track...



Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the grin on HW's face when he said: "What is at stake is more *grin begins* than one small country." His wee bairn, dubya, is worse.

bLiar was the same. He developed a grin when you he peddeled his more obvious filthy lies and spin.

Once again Brown is far worse, almost chuckling when he lies and spins.

Effing Scum - the lot of them.

That exploding TV was very well times.

And superb performance by Brando.

Billy sounded like he felt the need to take a dump come on when he went on about the NWO (Or was Monica there doing a 'police academy'?). Brown raps it quite well.

I liked the video. Thats one talented 15 year old. I could even tolerate the Depeche Mode.

What would be novel is after the video people actually tried doing something about it.


What would be novel is after the video people actually tried doing something about it.




Anonymous said...


How dare I point out the fact there's a lot of political bitching yet the level of physical activity is proportionately lower?

How dare I.

Anonymous said...

I can predict when Brown would smirk. Can you?

Imagine him saying this sentence...

"The Labour governmnet is helping the poor by increasing taxes on earners of over £200,000, a tax rate of 50%"

At what point do YOU see his smirk break out?

and yes, you have to imagine that as it's never going to happen.


HOW DARE YOU talk about doing anything about anything, or at least, if you must talk about doing something about anything, can you please limit it to suggesting people send a text message to someone or some other ineffective thing like that?

The moonagement thanks you for your cooperation!

Anonymous said...

News flush!



The capatcha(?) is "lsecvuk"

Stef said...


there's a line in that article which says

"To critics it sounds like a scenario from some Orwellian nightmare"

which reminds me of an Eric Cartman quote which goes something like...

"It's not like terrorism, it is terrorism"

Anonymous said...

Answer: Just before he would say "is helping" of cours. Did you get a gold star?