Friday, January 18, 2008

The Great Firewall of Britannia

Sometime towards the back end of last week I started to become aware that stories were popping up in the mainstream media which seemed to be paving the way for a couple of agendas which many of us have long-suspected our Establishment has on its ‘War on Terror’ todo list…

  • Implementation of censorship of Internet sites that the Establishment deems to be unsuitable

(as well as a whole load of
CyberTerror!! stories there has also been a spike in Internet Kiddie Fiddler stories at the same time which I haven’t bothered to post about)

My suspicion that we were witnessing a co-ordinated campaign has become a certainty in the wake of the bullcrap that
Newsnight put out this week in advance of the Home Secretary’s speech yesterday announcing a crackdown on CyberTerror!!

"The internet is a key tool for the propagandists for violent extremism... Let me be clear. The internet is not a no-go area for Government. We are already working closely with the communications industry to take action against paedophiles... we should also take action against those who groom vulnerable people for the purposes of violent extremism... I will be talking to industry... about how best to do this. Where there is illegal material on the net, I want it removed."

Unsurprisingly this hasn’t gone down well in Cyberspace and I recommend these articles AND the readers’ comments…

and whilst I personally disagree that ‘blowback’ is the major reason for the alleged upsurge in domestic terrorism, this comment hits the nail on the head when it comes to the effectiveness of using new laws to combat crime…

"Quite why they think the internet is to blame when it is THEIR OWN ACTIONS that has caused offence to muslims.

The making of bombs has been the main point of interest in anyone studying chemistry at GCSE level. Oh, and the making of smells too.

As an example, guns are used to commit crimes, so, lets ban all guns and then we wont have gun crime. It is sad for those who like shooting as a sport, but it is a small price for them to pay so we can walk the streets safely. Did gun crime cease to exist? No. Why not? Because the criminals got their guns illegally and they just don't give a toss for the law. Lock them up! Well, if only we could catch one, we might.

A point here, most criminals are happily shooting each other in turf wars. It is rare for a member of the public to be shot.
A bit more freedom taken away, with an ever so good excuse, to stop terrorism. It would be easier to stop terrorism if you stopped bombing their countries.

We had the IRA doing serious damage for 35 years, well several hundred really. Now, we have to go around like some frightened rabbit because of some Saudi looney living in a cave in Afghanifuckinstan.

Give it a rest.

I am more scared of Harriet Harman."


The sad part is that things that are as clear as day to Conspiraloons – the existence of a deliberate plan to increase the powers of the State (and hence the elites who really control that State) over the individual and the coordinated use of the mainstream media to soften people up for those changes – are not yet clear to the majority

Even those members of the majority who have the common sense to realise that what is going on is disgraceful prefer to believe that the people making these changes are bumbling, reactive fools who are doing what they are doing essentially by accident

That’s not to say that the puppets who are nominally in charge aren’t bumbling, reactive, and corrupt, fools but the people pulling their strings certainly aren’t.

Psychotic, yes, bumbling, no.



neil said...

I have no doubt we can give the firewall monitoring work to the experts - the Chinese government. Now, where's Gordon just gone with the begging bowl, again?

Shutter said...

Love the Tavistock Square bus pic..

Stef said...


it's the little, er, coincidences which make Life so interesting

white rabbit said...

blimey - you post a lot of stuff

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Anonymous said...

...and that god he does!

Anonymous said...

or better still, *thank* god he does, since that actually makes sense.

Stef said...

@white rabbit

the secret is to endlessly rotate the same 10 posts, occasionally changing the pictures


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