Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Space Argument


macaroni said...

What about this argument? The 'Big Brother' blokes seem pretty 'spaced out' too.

Merkin said...

I don't believe it for one minute because they were not speaking Farsi (and they were in InterGalactic waters anyway).

macaroni said...

Ooops. Here:

Stef said...


Aversion to the metric system is one of many signs of the U.K.'s lingering reluctance to integrate with its continental neighbors. Britain shuns the euro in favor of the pound sterling, drives on the left-hand side of the road and has a tradition of "euroskeptic'' politicians who thrill some sections of the public by bashing the Continent.

Typical mainstream media bias of course. What these things proove is Europe's reluctance to integrate with Britain

and anyone who has tried to punch passers by or operate firearms from their car will appreciate that driving on the LHS of the road is a much more practical way of going about things