Monday, January 21, 2008

Stef's Fine Licquer of the Week - Latte di Suocera

Posted in response to a couple of tales of people drinking straight meths/eth, left underneath my last post

One of Italy's best kept and most sophisticated beverage secrets...

literally translated - '
Milk of Mother in Law'

best serve diluted with overproof rum or neat anti-freeze

There's not much background info on LDS on the web except for a couple of short, incoherent Youtube videos presumably made whilst under its influence...

'Latte di Suocera - 75° of pure enjoyment'

'how to drink latte di suocera'

Anyone interested in importing this quality tipple on a wholesale basis (full or pocket sized editions) can apply here


edit: and if LDS doesn't seem scary enough to present much of a challenge (but it is), well, there's always Cynar - packed full of that great fermented artichoke taste that everyone loves...

'is there a bathroom on this boat?'



Anonymous said...

Argh, looks ghastly!

I'll be in lovely old Nodnol next week, so I hope you'll come out to play, especially since it might be the last time I see you until you invite us all out to your antipodean new sheep farm.

I can't sign any of these bloody Blogger comments any more, Blogger is broken for good for me, so I'll leave it to you to guess who. :)

Stef said...

I should be around

all the LDS has gone but I think there might be a little Cynar left over somewhere

OK, a lot of Cynar

Shutter said...

I once unwisely returned from China with some stuff in apot botle called Mou Tai (?) - to which the drinking old Comrade mao told me he attributed his lengthy life. Made from Miaze ( and dead dogs / rats / squirels ?).

Cyprus used to be a source of Zivania, an illegal hooch distilled from the leftover grapes from making the excellent (!?) CYpriot wine. By some magic this became legal on entry to the EU and can now be obtained very widely and at an unbeleiavble lowprice in handy pocket sized bottles.

This rasping, throat searing spirit, mediated by coffee sustains many a expatriate through the longeurs of the morning until brandy can reasonably be allowed a public airing.