Thursday, January 24, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War - 97 minutes of cinematic poon

Charlie's War ... "Our only mistake was that we didn't interfere in Afghanistan enough!!"

Thanks to anon for 'nominating' me to take up Craig Murray's offer of free belly dancing tickets for bloggers (life is indeed stranger than fiction). Unfortunately, I'm all tied up with less intriguing commitments and will have to pass on trying to cadge some seats from Craig (thanks to anon for thinking of me though)

Which is a genuine shame as, having just seen the appalling Charlie Wilson's War, it is clear than an appreciation of belly dancing can stand one in good stead in the world of covert operations

Charlie Wilson's War, the answer to the question...

"Is it possible to make a major motion picture about CIA involvement in Afghanistan in the 1980s without mentioning the opium trade?"

You betcha



The Antagonist said...

Presumably nobody associated with the film ever read, "AGENCY OF FEAR: Opiates and Political Power in America".

Then again, maybe they did.

Anonymous said...

Let me have an inflammatory guess that they never mentioned "CIA rendition cocaine plane N987SA"

Well perhaps the don't what the opium equivalent of suiciding themselves by shooting oneself in the face TWICE!