Sunday, January 13, 2008

Domestic Weapons Systems of the Week

A lot (well, more than one, less than three) of people are asking me what do I think people should do to prepare themselves for the impending implosion of the global economic system and the end of civilisation as we know it.

Naturally enough, America leads the way and people worried about coping with a post-apocalyptic future could do a lot worse than picking up a couple of these babies...

The Back-Up

"Many customers are buying one for each side of the bed!!"

The Tank Chair

"...a Custom off-road wheelchair that can go anywhere outdoors. Conquers Streams, Mud, Snow, Sand, and Gravel, allowing you to get back to nature, and can also climb up and down stairs."

Quite wide stairs, obviously...

The iTaser

The device's stun gun fires a 50,000-volt electric charge AND can hold 1GB of music!!

"A spokesman in Las Vegas said the inclusion of a music player would encourage purchases by women who want a form of self defence while out jogging, but who would otherwise take an iPod instead of a weapon."