Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We're all potential terrorists now - pt 428

"Well John, it looks like were up to our ass in Limey terrorists all over again"

Anyone lucky enough to have caught Newsnight last night will have enjoyed its opening article about a Jihadist website which has reportedly declared the inauguration of
Al Qaeda UK

Proof once again that the rigorously objective journalists at the BBC understand that the only material on the Internet worth relying on is the Jihadist stuff you find hosted on Langley/ Cheltenham/ Australian based/ controlled servers

Al Qaeda's Internet prowess is truly marvelous to behold - capable of setting up Western-based web sites and communicating directly with young asians working in chip shops in West Yorkshire but yet at the same time evading the best efforts of a multi-billion dollar transglobal counter-intelligence effort. Quite remarkable

Newsnight viewers were also treated to the sight and sound of that geriatric pin-up of the anti-terror/ risk management industry Dame Pauline Neville Jones doing her usual insane, ever so slightly senile, turn

"Woof! Woof! I'm a teapot..."

and as someone over at J7T pointed out there also was a nice little Derren Brown moment during the Newsnight piece . . . background images of arabic text filled internet pages flitted over the screen, finally halting over the word "Blogger" . . . . blogger . . . terrorist . . . tax paying, law abiding citizen . . . ah . . . what's the difference?!? . . .

And some of us couldn't help joining the dots between a spate of apparently unconnected stories which have been spoon fed to the MSM over the last week or so. Stories such as...

Al-Qaeda's white army of terror

Two and a half years on from the 7/7 attack on London, MI5 has identified a worrying new trend in Al-Qaeda recruits

HUNDREDS of British non-Muslims have been recruited by al-Qaeda to wage war against the West, senior security sources warned last night.


US fears Europe-based terrorism

One of the biggest threats to US security may now come from within Europe, US Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff has told the BBC.


FBI wants instant access to British identity data

Americans seek international database to carry iris, palm and finger prints

not to mention the handy coincidence of timing with...

...which starts in London tomorrow. The cast list makes fascinating reading

Over the last couple of years many of my non Conspiraloon chums who have had the decency to hear some of my ideas out have raised several reasonable objections to the particular world view I espouse. One of those objections is that they couldn't see how fear and paranoia that has been generated with regards to British Muslims could be expanded to encompass non Muslims.

I'm starting to think that 2008 might be the year in which they're going to find out



Anonymous said...

Wasn't hard!

I'm sure if these websites contained illegal MP3s of Robbie Williams latest album rather than Jihadist hate messages against he west EMI's lawyers would be able to track them down in 5 minutes.

Odd that...

Shutter said...

No doubt the folks who so helpfully identified the English language version of the statement from AQ in UK (luckily they caught it on the one day it erupted) and told the BBC - and anyone esle who would listen have realtively better methods of tracking than a WHOis enquiry.

Like remembering they have to renew the domain name by March 8th 2008.

Anyone remember the bin Laden Construction company website registered with a Midlands UK ISP that expired on 9/11/01 ?

The Binladin website was created by a company called Arq Limited, a U.K. web design firm. The administrative, technical and billing contact listed on the whois search is a man named Philip Lumsden.
After several calls to the U.K., I learned that Arq Limited went out of business, replaced by a company called Active 8 Solutions, which shares the same Bath, England, mailing address and a telephone number that is only one digit off from Arq Limited’s old number.
I learned one more interesting thing.
"Mr. Lumsden left a week ago," said a man who answered the phone at Active 8 Solutions. "I am not aware of why he left."

Lots more here - remember chasing it at the time.

This is an intersting chat who left Arq in Sept 2001

and here is a site to get the Conspiraloon tendency foaming at the mouth ...

Put March 8th in yer diaries.

Stef said...

Put March 8th in yer diaries

and whilst updating your diary don't forget than Purim falls on March 21st this year

Anonymous said...

One, the Brown cabinet are just grandstanding to technically ignorant voters. They won't do anything, safe in the knowledge that those voters will never realise this.

Or, two, the government actually plans to build a Chinese-style Great Firewall of Blighty which will prevent anyone looking at anything which says "jihadi" or "bomb" or "TATP" (whoops) etc. You'll probably be able to get round it if you know what you're doing, but it will be at the cost of slow, intermittent connections and possible, lengthy terror-powers detention without charge.

Stef said...

well, that came out of the blue...

The Antagonist said...

This load of bull story is a little behind the times. And the Independent for that matter.

On 10th July 2005, three days after the so-called London bombings, the Independent carried the following story about the events that have come to be known as 7/7:

Police hunt 'mercenary' terror gang recruited by al-Qa'ida
By Sophie Goodchild, Severin Carrell and Raymond Whitaker

Published: 10 July 2005

Police and intelligence agents are investigating the theory that a gang of white "mercenary terrorists" was hired by al-Qa'ida to carry out last week's devastating attacks on London.


Among new revelations about the highly sophisticated nature of Thursday's attacks, intelligence officials disclosed that they were examining the prospect that so-called "clean skins" - who could have been Muslims from the Balkans with no previous links to terror groups - were recruited to evade heightened security in the capital.

The theory was given credence by the fact that the security services had no advance warnings, suggesting that the bombers were not known extremists.

The Met said they now had new evidence which clearly indicated that the blasts on the Tube trains had happened "almost simultaneously".

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick said this indicated that the terrorists would have used timing devices to trigger the bombs.


Or you can go with the official version of the 7/7 tale, touted by the State and a bunch of its charlatan actors and actresses, and believe that 'almost simultaneous' must mean that four kids poorly synchronised three of their four watches.

Stef said...


thanks for the link

that story

Police and intelligence agents are investigating the theory that a gang of white "mercenary terrorists" was hired by al-Qa'ida to carry out last week's devastating attacks on London.

was never really resolved/ clarified was it?

I remember thinking at the time that this sounded like some kind of back up/ contingency in case any inconvenient testimony escaped the filters - but nothing did so it was never called on