Monday, January 21, 2008

Remind you of anyone?






etc etc



The Cartoonist said...

It's George Harrison! He's still alive - this is the proof!

Stef said...

hmmm, I think you may be onto something

Anonymous said...

Are the Newz of the Wurld insinuating that George Harrison faked his own death?

Anyway, here's a more political guess...

Kier said...

Terry Thomas should have been safely locked up after his performance in 'Vault of Horror', which would stop him going on to be free to look like someone who looks like someone who might have kidnapped a child.

To be fair, everyone in that film looks like they might have been guilty of stealing a child while their parents happily ate tapas and got drunk, having left her and her younger siblings in an unlocked apartment. Maybe they should all be locked up - both the cast of 'Vault of Horror' and Mad's parents. And anyone with a suspicious moustache and memorable teeth - they're probably all up to something anyway.