Monday, January 21, 2008

A little something for the Gold Bugs

the Bank of England - still out-printing the ECB by a comfortable margin...

A little specialist something for fellow Conspiraloons who take an interest in what's happening to the world's paper money supply but who, unlike me, think that reverting to gold-backed money will somehow stop The Bankers and their thieving little ways (wholesale theft from the masses through inflation and excess credit) in their tracks...

A recent podcast from the Council on Foreign Relations website talking up gold-backed currency -

When a supremely shady organisation like the
CFR starts boosting gold-backed money there just has to be a catch



Anonymous said...

This particular independent loon, doesn't think gold is going to stop these meglomanic scumbags.

What it will do, and rather nicely I have concluded, is give an independent store of wealth which can be traded outside the fiat currency market that they are most likely to collapse one day.

I advise you and others to think of it a emergency money.

I think of it also from an Islamic point of view which I believe emplores me to move away from this fraudulent and highly manipulative joke, In fact I am involved with a number of other activists who think along the same lines. Gold activists who are however it's unlikely we can survive without being involved in monopoly money in some capacity.

What better way is there to at least try and break their most potent tool of enslavement?

CFR may say it, but I totally doubt they mean it. The probably are just saying it as another con trick such as e-gold or gold leasing.

Anonymous said...

"I think of it also from an Islamic point of view"

So do I.

Ian Dallas aka Sheikh Abdalqadir As-Sufi is yer man as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

On the articles page note, " Fatwa on Banking and The Use of Interest Received on Bank Deposits by Umar Pasha"


" Paper Money - A legal judgment by Umar Ibrahim Vadillo"

Anonymous said...

In my garbled comment, I neglected to say properly, that I've bought some gold (even if just a modest amount) also as a means to PROTECT some wealth wealth.

Dear reader (21 January 2008 15:50), I'd not heard of Sheikh Abdalqadir As-Sufi but am going through his stuff now. Thank you for the info. I return the complement by pointing you to Sheikh Imran Hosein a very fine mind when discussing Islam in the modern age to whom I concurr very much with his view of financial analysis and halal (God permitted) monetary system. He's currently lecturing in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Islamic finance is a fascinating subject; a bit hypocritical of them to use fiat currency though. A bit like the Muslim lads at college who'd ask to be excused every 5 minutes to go and pray and then be seen spending on their credit cards.

Thanks for the link.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Goldmoney are determined to avoid HYIPs; hence the data rape policy. Compare Egold's Fed Raid. (No experience of bullion vault).

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Anonymous said...

Anon. I agree Islamic financing should avoid fiat currency. Sadly it's yet another indication as to what you are told is "Islamic", actually isn't!

As for being excused every 5 mins... Methinks the frequency is rather indicictive of them doing something else. One can often rely upon Muslims to bring the image of Islam into disrepute.