Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Grab a bargain on eBay

A few days a go I wrote a post about how the image quality of new compact digital cameras was in many ways worse than older models. I mentioned that, as a consequence, one particular camera, the Fuji F31fd, was currently fetching more second hand than it was selling for new (£100-110) when it was discontinued

Well, I think someone has just set some kind of record on ebay for a second hand F31fd...

I'm guessing we're looking at someone with much more money than sense. Maybe someone like this Legend of Rock who didn't realise that you have to take the lens cap off your £3,000+ Leica before it can take any pictures....

Leica M series camera and lens ... £3,000
Knowing that removing the lens cap is an essential prerequisite for optimum image quality ... priceless

Unlike the Leica, the Fuji's built-in lens cap opens automatically when you turn the camera on - that's got to be worth at least a few hundred quid

I wouldn't buy one of those Canon's though, they do strange things...


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Anonymous said...

I empathise with 'ol slowhand. It's the kind of thing that happens to me with increasing frequency as I pile on the years.

I look forward to retirement.