Thursday, January 24, 2008

You know when you've been Tangoed

So, Peter Hain has finally come a cropper for being (allegedly) a corrupt fucker

Whoopee feckin do

Peter Hain

Nasty Orangey Thing

For a while towards the end of last year there was just the slightest possibility that people's attention would focus not on corrupt, and essentially expendable, politicians but the people and interests who do the corrupting

Well, it was only a
slight possibility

So, instead, let's just sit back and watch the journo-political whores employed to fob us all off with bullcrap get stuck into some good old-fashioned 'Left' vs 'Right', false choice party politics whilst the serious business of running the country for the benefit of the deserving few carries on as usual


And I wouldn't trust the supposedly anti-establishment bloggers who spearheaded the controlled demolition of Peter Hain for a second - they're very careful about what they say, and what they allow commentators to say, and are clearly aware that they can only go so far...



Merkin said...

I posted on the Graun 'Hain is a convicted criminal.'
Deleted, faster than snow off a dyke.
More to follow.

Anonymous said...

Controlled demo? - YES PLEASE!

You do well to remind us of WHO lies behind all this Stef, but surely we can cheer at the departure of of Hain (albeit his replacement won't make a hayp of difference) AND focus on the scum that props up this poltical guff.

Anonymous said...

Kick an MP when he's down. It's just about the only joy westminster yields these days.

Stef said...

but surely we can cheer at the departure of of Hain (albeit his replacement won't make a hayp of difference)

the guy replacing Hain is a former Chairman of LFI - a very active former chairman of LFI

he also happens to be the MP who had kiddie porn on his computer

but, hey, maybe the Tories will win next time and things will change radically

try sticking "Serena Rothschild" and "George Osborne" into Google for a giggle

there's so much coming out now that I'm not sure if they're even bothering to hide it any more

Dick. said...

Bunch of puppets.