Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's the Bankers stupid pt428

I've just discovered via the most reliable source of news in the Cosmos, The Daily Mash, that Tony Blair is now working for The Bankers in a more official capacity than in the past

Maybe he got the idea from that other staunch socialist and man of the people his former chief of staff Jonathan Powell

And still, people who consider themselves to be left wing will keep supporting that shower of sleazy, corrupt fucks called the Labour Party, in the belief that it somehow represents the interests of ordinary people

...and it's 'the conspiracy theorists' who are supposed to be lunatic fantasists!?

A pop quiz for all you Christian Capitalists out there - what's the one thing, the one practice that drove ace-pacifist Jesus Christ so mental that he kicked off and started a ruck?

Earlier on today I left a comment on someone else's blog which, given Blair's much publicised conversion to Catholicism and reportedly profound Christian faith, seems vaguely relevant...

As I hope you realise, I have no problem with Christianity, provided people claiming to be Christians at least try to follow the teachings of the person they believe to be the Son of God

But I can’t help noticing that an awful lot of people who claim to be Christians feel a lot more comfortable quoting from the Old Testament or the apocrypha than JC’s direct teachings as recorded in gospels

I remember a chat I had with a Christian a few years ago. He was very fervent about his faith and, as it happened, very rich. I asked him how he reconciled his wealth with his faith and I quoted Jesus saying that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God

his answer?

‘Jesus said it was harder, not impossible’

Belief in a Supreme Deity is one thing, believing that She/He/It is a dumb bastard who'll fall for the same lawyers' tricks that so many mortals do is something else altogether

You really do have to be something quite, er, special to think you'll pull that one off

God ... unlikely to be impressed by the terms of reference or wording of the Hutton or Butler Reports



HWP said...

Jesus spoke a parable about twunts like tony Blair. So if twunts like Blair didn't exist it would have nullified what Jesus spoke. God Bless Tony Blair for being a complete and utter twunt.

Stef said...

/ vows to use the word twunt more often

Shutter said...

The press in reporting Blair's new part time job have failed to emtnion that in the last Qtr J P Morgan recorded the first ever loss in their 70 odd yr history ...after having written off squillions of unsaleable pieces of paper.

Which shows you tht
a) they must be fucking desperate to buy Tone and his Rolodex

b) No othe sane person would take on the job

Personally I think we will be as fine a bankeas he was Prime Minister