Friday, July 22, 2005

What the f*ck is going on?

At the risk of merely repeating what others are saying:

  • Four bombs two weeks ago, at rush hour – all explode killing lots of people, including the bombers
  • Four bombs yesterday, after rush hour – none detonate, nobody killed, bombers run off
  • Both attacks are being described has having all the hallmarks of ‘Al Qaeda’. What they f*ck are they?

  • Explosives used two weeks ago initially reported as being commercially made plastique, same as used in suicide bombings in Israel
  • Home made explosives found in car in Luton car park. Supposedly left there by suicide bombers for some reason.
  • Explosives discovered after yesterday’s bombings immediately reported as being the same as used two weeks ago. Police still being vague about whether commercial or home made explosives were used in those first attacks

  • Apparent suicide bombers, without the profiles of suicide bombers, buy return tickets to their target and generally behave as if they weren’t suicide bombers
  • No note, no videos, no explanations of what these supposed suicide bombers want
  • Deliberate confusion by our politicians as to the nature of the Al Qaeda threat. Is it an organisation? Is it a 'way of working'?
  • Deliberate confusion by our politicians of Al Qaeda's motives. Does Al Qaeda want us to clear out of Islam's Holy Places? Or are they really trying to destroy Western Civilisation? Yeah right

  • CCTV from two weeks ago still not released
  • CCTV on No.30 bus inoperative. No explanation given why
  • Yesterday’s bombers MUST have been caught on CCTV – no descriptions issued

  • Dozens of unattributed news stories of links to Al Qaeda, fifth men, sixth men, mysterious masterminds, bullshit websites. All of which coincidentally favour our government’s favourite conspiracy theory. All of those stories subsequently, though quietly, proven to be junk

And so on and so on and fucking so on

Do I have to continue? I could. There’s bugger loads more

As I’m typing this, the tube station to the North of me has been evacuated and, earlier on today, in the tube station to the South of me someone was executed in public by people dressed in civilian clothes; presumably on the basis he might have been a suicide bomber. You would not believe how many police cars I’ve heard and seen today. Yesterday it was Apocalypse Now. Today it's the Blue Brothers.

How long are people going to put up with this crap?

I’m not suggesting our police are bent. I honestly doubt it. Maybe there are perfectly reasonable explanations for everything that’s gone down. But at the moment there’s too much that just isn’t right and at the top of it, our government. And those bastards have ‘form’. They knowingly lied us into an illegal war in which thousands of innocent people have been killed. So, pardon me for not trusting those scumbags and not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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