Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The true London spirit


Here’s a site that captures the true spirit of London in July 2005...



A simple method of re-establishing true Britishness would involve selecting people who don't understand why this is funny and somehow removing them from the meme pool. We'd return to being the Number One global superpower in less than a generation


I also came across this, but sadly far too late to join in – I’m gutted …

To commemorate the victims of the bombings, and as a statement of our own defiance in the face of terrorism, the triforce will unanimously be doing what it does best: drinking alcohol. Specifically, on Saturday July 23, we will be conducting a pub crawl against terrorism, retracing my steps after the incident, from Aldgate to St. Paul’s via Liverpool Street, stopping off at any pubs along the way in an attempt to take the edge off a horrible memory by turning it into a good one. And we’d like you to join us.

The guy who organised that particular crawl has posted his own account of what happened to him on 7/7 here. He seems like a decent bloke

Quality material like this almost restores my pride in being British and a Londoner. Yes, there is still hope and a tear is welling in my eye right now.

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