Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thank You Tony


Mmmmm, I’ve had a few hours to reflect on the news about London wining the 2012 bid. And maybe all those people being paid to fill the Internet with a positive spin on the story are right after all. Maybe a New Era has dawned. And if it has, there’s one person we all have to thank for that. Yes …

Tony Blair

In just the last couple of months Tony has:

  • Secured an historic third term for a political party with the word ‘Labour’ in its name
  • Initiated fundamental and necessary reform of the European Union
  • Taken the necessary steps to abolish global poverty
  • Put measures in place that will ultimately save humanity from the threat of global warming
  • Maintained the coalition that is bringing democracy to the Islamic World
  • Bagged the 2012 Olympics for London, solely through the power of his charisma.
  • Generally brought the UK ever-nearer to becoming the New Eden

And, I must confess, until today I’ve been blind to all of this and of all Tony’s other achievements. I am a jaded, negative person whose only hope may lie in painful electrotherapy, self-flagellation and extensive drug taking; though that’s what may have got me this way in the first place.

I have thought of a way to achieve redemption though. A quick Google search indicates that nobody has yet had the sense to set up a Tony Blair Appreciation Society. I may be still able to make amends by getting one going, call it something like ToBASco and put together a member’s pack including a Tony badge, Tony wall poster and a quarterly Tony Fanzine. He deserves it ...

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zenyenta said...

I hope you and yours are OK. Let us know what's happening over there when you can.

Stef said...

@z: thanks for your concern. Mine and me are fine, though my better 1/2 is stuck in an office building mid-way between two 'incident' sites.

The strange thing is a lot of people here have been half expecting something like this to happen, so it's not as surprising as you would expect it to be.

Still shocking and horrible though. There are police and emergency services flying all over the place.

I'm very angry about this, at those who did this and those who've already started to make political capital out of - yes, Tony's been on the television already - but now's not the time to go into that ...