Thursday, July 07, 2005

Strange, horrible day ...

So …

It’s our turn now.

Fortunately, Tracy’s fine, though she’s stuck in an office building midway between two 'incident' sites. I’ve been watching, and listening to, police cars and emergency service vehicles tearing into the City and the West End.

The most peculiar part about it all is that many of us were half-expecting something like this to happen.

And I’m angry.

Not for the reasons that our politicians would want me to be angry for.

But now’s not the time.

Instead, here’s an email Tracy received at work from her firm’s Madrid office as soon as they heard what was going on in London...

Dear all,

We want to express our solidarity with you in these terrible moments and hope all of you and your families are well.

Terrorism, which unfortunately we know so well, is the maximum expression of cowardice. It is too easy to kill innocent people.

Please let us know if we can be of any help. In the meantime we pray for the quickest recovery of the injured people and for the grief of the affected families

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Where are the arseholes that said that everything was hyped up and the threat to this country was nil...? crawled back into your do-going holes?

It's utterly pointless, it does nothing, tomorrows headlines will be chip-paper by saturday for 99.9% of people and normal life will go on (thank god).

I was working at Harrow station (on the westcoast mainline), right next to a train with a suspect package on we were thrown off the track when the bomb squad arrived, it makes you think how fragile you are 'if' something happened.


Stef said...


I'm one of those people who harbours serious doubts about the nature of the threat that faces us but I never discounted the risk that something like this could happen. That makes me a semi-arsehole I guess. But we can talk about that another time.

Glad to hear you're OK


Anonymous said...

Cheers mate, no offence!...just a gut reaction

Stef said...

None taken. None at all.

You were right. There were people who DID say that something like this wouldn't happen in London. The bottom line is that things like this have already happened in New York and Madrid, so there was no reason to believe that London would be immune.

My own doubts lie with the basic questions such as who did this and why? Are our politicians being honest with us and what should our response be? The answers, I think, are a lot more complex than some people would have us believe.

I'll throw something up on that in the next day or so. And if you think I'm being an arse I'd like to know



Anonymous said...

Ok mate, we don't always see eye to eye with things, but as you say things are complex.

Btw as soon as I can I'm off to London to try out that as usual.


Stef said...

Business as usual ... yes, that's exactly how things should be



greatwhitebear said...

hi, I migrated to your site form Iddybud. Excellent site.

I noticed when I saw the news this morning that the trains are running and it is business as usual. VERY British, very admirable, and absolutely the right thing to do.

Incidentally, I checked out your Flickr site. Your photos are AWESOME. I especially liked the black and white of the baby with the toothy smile!