Friday, July 15, 2005

Unknowing Dupes

OK, let’s try this

To anyone who read my last post and thought ‘no, there’s no way those four guys who bombed London were unknowing dupes’, here’s a question …

What would you say if I told you they had bought return tickets to London and paid for a day’s parking for their cars before getting onto the train to London that morning?

What if I told you that?

What kind of mental gymnastics would it take to fit that information in with the suicide bomber story?

Just a hypothetical question of course …


Darren said...

I'm still seriously struggling with the "fact" that they were all carrying ID.
Have you ever heard of anything so stupid?

Stef said...

Um yes

- Committing a terrorist act without leaving a statement why

- leaving a 'substantial amount' of explosives in your car and back home when going on a suicide mission, yet only carrying 10lbs with you on your mission

- mooning around as a group in front of CCTVs cameras at Kings Cross with conspicuously large matching backpacks

- applying for a university course starting in September just before going on a suicide mission in July

- in case anyone missed it, one guy's ID was found in TWO locations

- committing suicide and leaving your pregnant wife and eight month old child to a lifetime of stigma and misery

- buying return tickets and paying for a day's car parking at the station car park (I'm expecting that story to break in Saturday's papers)

I could go on like this for a very long time.

I'm not saying that these guys definitely didn't knowingly bomb London. What I am saying is that there's still not enough proof to be sure what happened, yet my government, police force and 98% of the media are treating it as certain and rubbing the nose of every Muslim in this country in shit.

I don't see entire Black or White communities being humiliated and abused publicly every time one of their own commits murder. There's a doctor in this country who deliberately killed hundreds of his patients. Did the newspapers degrade doctors as a breed and lecture them not to be 'in denial' or to stop harbouring and encouraging murderers?


So what the f*ck is going on here?

Why are people so sure that these guys were suicide bombers with so many inconsistencies still unexplained?

1. Because the vast majority of people are thick as pig shit and blindly accept what they are told, without thinking anything through

2. Because we have been educated to hate Muslims. Personally, I find this astonishing because I'd happily live in a Middle Eastern or Asian neighbourhood in preference to pretty much any other demographic I can think of. There again I'm not a stupid, ignorant fuck. Not when it comes to Muslims anyway.

So, yes, I've heard of lots of things as stupid as the ID thing but, don't get me wrong, I hear what you're saying. I've just consumed far too much trash news tonight and needed to blow off.

Stef said...

Actually, no, I take it all back. I've just read this from the Yorkshire Post Newspaper ...

"Bomber 'taught to kill in Afghanistan'
Andrew Vine
SUICIDE bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan regularly visited Afghanistan for terrorist training, it was claimed last night.
The outwardly-respectable learning mentor at a Yorkshire school trained in the use of weapons and explosives at remote camps, and was branded a "fruitcake" who regularly voiced anger over the effects of Western foreign policy in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The claims were made during a radio interview by an acquaintance of Khan, before it was revealed he was one of the suicide bombers. The man who made the claims contacted the BBC suggesting they contacted Khan for background information about terrorism, without knowing he was already dead.
The man, who refused to be identified, had also told police of his concern that 30-year-old Khan from Dewsbury – who blew up the Edgware Road Underground train – may be indoctrinating young people he worked with.
He said: "From what I've heard, he used to travel extensively overseas, especially to Asia – Pakistan, Afghanistan.
"He use to regularly be out of the country, going to Afghanistan and carrying out training, every year or so.
"It would be regarding being trained up, being a fighter, being skilled in the use of army-type training, the use of weapons, explosives and simply military discipline as to how action should be carried out in the field."
Khan and his associates were known for making comments that were "a little strange, extreme", said the man, adding: "I know they were quite upset with what was happening to Muslims around the world, especially with American policy."
"It was very strange, especially with him being a teacher," he said. "I thought he was a bit of a fruitcake or an odd fish."
The man added: "I told the police I was seriously concerned about the activities Mohammed Sadique was conducting or had conducted and I informed them that he may be one of the persons that they need to get in touch with. This was on the weekend after the bombings. At that point, we didn't know who carried out the bombings."
He told the BBC he was worried about Khan's contacts with younger Muslim men: "My concerns were that the youth sometimes are at a quite impressionable age and sometimes certain people can use them in a certain way by using emotions and using them in the wrong way."

OK, so it's from an anonymous source who expressed his concerns after the bombing and somehow this Khan bloke seems to have been missed out from our extensive police watch lists even though he attended terror training camps every half-term but it's what everyone wants to hear so it just has to be true doesn't it?


zenyenta said...

They may have been dupes, but if they were Al Qaeda dupes it may have been thanks to the Bush administration that they were successful. They blew an investigation that was ongoing in order to stage and then justify one of their bogus security alerts during the Democratic convention in 2004.

This in the news right after it happened, but like everything else, Bush got away with yet another fatal screw-up. What's a few dozen more lives blown away to the criminals running this country anyway?
Americablog has an outline.

Stef said...

@z: I honestly believe that there's no such thing Al Qaeda. Certainly, in the terms described by Blair and Bush. Al Qaeda is the biggest bogus conspiracy theory of all time. Where would the Bush administration be without the spectre of the Al Qaeda threat? Why do you think the US hasn't captured Bin Laden, hobbling around wherever he his dragging his dialysis machine behind him?

My dearest wish is that this nonsense starts to unravel as a result of what happened in London last week

but that's just a fantasy