Saturday, July 23, 2005

Speculations v Questions� A very big difference.

NB This entry includes a sentence that features use of the F word no less than six times. Whilst feeling quite pleased with my own eloquence I only think it fair to mention this in advance


The Swan Tavern opposite Stockwell tube station. Very popular with fans of
casual sex from all over South London and probably not doing great business just
at this moment

A man was killed by people dressed in civilian clothes on a train in Stockwell tube station yesterday morning.

He was held on the ground by two people whilst a third person shot him in the head five times.

That much everyone seems to agree on.

After that the story gets a little hazier.

Some news channels report that he was shot because the police feared he was carrying a suicide bomb and had to be killed before he could detonate it. The shots were to the head to avoid the risk of accidentally detonating his bomb. A couple of other commentators have pointed out that the chances of detonating explosives by gunfire are tiny.

Also, the police keep changing their minds, every hour or so, as to whether the guy killed was:
  • Nothing to do with this week’s bombings
  • Connected with this week’s bombings
  • One of the bombers

This uncertainty hasn’t stopped people forming opinions of the validity of the shooting. The majority seem to think that the killing was a ‘fair call’ dictated by the circumstances. Other people have decided this was a clear case of an inconvenient witness or patsy being done away with. I’ve just read a lot of nonsense on the Internet from a lot of different people to this effect, each with their own elaborate scenario explaining what really took place.

There’s only one thing that the conspiracy theorists and the people who say ‘fair call’ have in common.

They’re both full of crap.

I’ll say this slowly

We do not have enough information to decide if the shooting was justified or not. That is why we have inquests after shootings.

All we are hearing now is speculation and nonsense from both sides. Conspiracy theorists, journalists and morons calling talk radio shows. All 100% totally full of it.

Now, with all this speculation flying around people haven’t put their brains into gear and asked themselves a very simple question.

After the shooting on Friday, the police announced that they had tracked one of Thursday’s bombers to a house near Stockwell station. They then watched the house covertly from Thursday night through to Friday morning. A man then left the property and was followed by plain clothed officers. He began to act suspiciously so the police challenged him but he fled into the station, down the escalators and onto a train, where the police caught up with him and killed/ executed him in front of some very surprised passengers.

The very simple question is this

Why the fuck did the fucking police let a fucking suspected suicide bomber leave his fucking house and get onto a fucking tube train in the first fucking place?

If anyone can work out a comforting scenario that accounts for that please let me know. I'm not speculating anything. I'm just asking questions and looking for answers. Oh, and yes, I’ve already considered the possibility the police were hoping to follow the suspect to his ‘Terrorist Mastermind’ and thrown that one into the toilet already.

Everyone else can debate the legality of a fatal shooting in unknown circumstances. Me, I'm more concerned that, by their own admission, the police let a potentially bomb-laden nutcase onto a tube train even though they were waiting for him outside his own front door all night.

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