Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Link Roundup


In between my busy schedule of cowering in fear and writing obsessively about the bombings in London I have managed to find time to enjoy the following fine links:

Pictures of Dustin Hoffman sporting a rather impressive pair of latex breasts

Admiring a gallery of photographs posted by buildingcrusher – an interesting individual who enjoys sitting on laundry baskets and fantasising that he’s crushing buildings

Reading about a recently discovered 28,000 year old phallus that served a dual role as a fertility symbol and a hammer. That’s nothing special in my household but I still found the story moderately interesting

Pogoing along to ‘Flip out like a Ninja’ by Joel Veitch, creator of the fabulous Viking Kittens – a must for all cat lovers

Fabricating a truly fearsome bow of death from the contents of my stationery drawer – I think the razor-tipped arrows really cap it off nicely


Hmmmmm, could it be that I’ve written a post for the first time in 3 weeks that makes no reference to the bombings in London?

two terrorists driving down a bumpy road towards Luton railway station. One says to the other: "be careful you might set the bomb off." The other says don't worry if it does, there's a spare on the boot."

Bugger, and I was doing so well…

Oh, and I've just noticed that I mentioned the bombings in the very first two lines of this post as well - what a loser

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