Monday, July 18, 2005

Today's London Bombing post - Zzzzzzzzzzz ...

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Dum de dum de dum

Still waiting for the CCTV footage of the four bombers at Kings Cross…

Surely it doesn’t take that long to edit and enhance a few seconds of tape?


OK, so it’s looking like the ‘suicide bombers’ might have been ‘homocide bombers’.

It seems that the thought of suicide bombers buying return tickets rather than single tickets is going to be too much for some people to swallow.

Personally, I don’t think that is a killer piece of information. After all, if you are planning to kill yourself and sentence your loved ones to a lifetime of stigma why would you care about paying too much for a railway ticket? What the fuck? You’re not going to be around when the credit card statement lands on the doormat. Why not first class tickets and a little something from the train buffet whilst you’re at it? How about hiring a Ferrari for the day? Be a big tipper. Live a little.

Anyway, the suicide bomber story looks like it might be publicly acknowledged as nonsense. It always was actually but that’s by the by.

So, a new version of the story is therefore needed for the week ahead. Plan B if the suicide story finally dies a death.

How about …

They were still insane bombers and not dupes, obviously, and the thought they were going to set their bombs and get away. Only their shadowy, white cat-stroking mastermind fooled them by setting the fuses short?

Nope. Still self-evidently bollocks. Maybe we can discuss why another time. Let’s just wait and see if the authorities do dump the suicide bomber story. And, by the way, when police spokespeople say, as they have done these last couple of days, that the police have never publicly stated that the London bombings were suicide bombings that’s a straightforward lie. Sir Ian Blair, the head of London's Metropolitan Police, said last Thursday that the attacks had been suicide bombings. "They went on to those Tubes or bus to kill, and presumably accepted they would be killed," he said. "You don't need to be a suicide bomber in a liberal democracy. They've chosen to be."


Based on what the public have been fed to date, I smell a rat, a large one. It could be deliberate deceit or simply blinkered thinking. At present, there’s no way to be really sure.

My dearest wish is that people in the middle ranks of the police and security forces will finally have enough and call time on this nonsense. Though any public servant familiar with the stories of David Kelly or Craig Murray, the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who was hounded out of the Civil Service after reporting that intelligence information coming from the Uzbek government was rubbish and extracted by boiling suspects alive, will think twice about doing the decent thing.


Of course, the contribution that bloggers have made to the debate about the London Bombings also deserves a mention.

It’s like bloody 911 all over again.

OK, so there are flaws in the story we’re being told by the British Government and Security Forces. They’re being suspiciously selective about the evidence that they’re making public. There are examples of unattributed disinformation being planted in the media every day.

So, do the Liberal Left Wing, conspiratorial-minded bloggers restrict themselves to challenging the obvious deficiencies in what the police and government are saying? Are they pressing the authorities to do what they are paid to do? Hunt down those responsible for the bombings with an open mind as to who committed them and why?

Of course not.

Every frickin’ site out there has its own version of how the London bombings were executed and which shadowy organisation is responsible.

All are bollocks. Some just moderately bollocks, most are completely bollocks.

They have to be. The public is deprived of so much information and what information that is available is so confused there’s no way anyone can figure out ‘what really happened’.

But that hasn’t stopped the bloggers. No sirree. Committing exactly the same sins as those they criticise, they embark on a series on self-indulgent, unsupported speculations peppered with words like ‘obvious’ and ‘surely’ to describe flawed conclusions that are neither obvious nor sure. Hands up anyone who has any actual proof the Israelis planned the bombing. They probably have benefitted from it. They certainly have the means. But that’s not proof. Ditto for the American Government, the CIA, the British Government, whoever short-sold Sterling for ten days before the bombing and made a lot of money that morning, British Racists or Space Lizards.

I despair. Truly I do.

That’s the problem with so much of the ‘Left’. It is so conspicuously lacking in single mindedness of purpose and intellectual rigour. Things haven’t changed at all since the days of the Spanish Civil War when the Republicans spent as much time killing each other as fighting the Fascists. Fascists may be morally deficient but they’re never so intellectually handicapped as to argue amongst themselves or attack the wrong side.

F*ck it. Do you know what? If a spook came knocking on my door tomorrow and asked me to work for Them I’d bloody well think about it.

(That's an offer by the way)


Sparkling said...

presumably "presumably" is politician talk for I never said this.

Northun Munki in Oxford Circus said...

Surely they want us to think they were 'duped', imaging how hard it would be to search everyone entering the tubes bags for bombs...

It's probably a good time to be an out of work sniffer dog.

I'm personally more scared of the politicians now given the Home Secretary and his 2 shadows deciding to work together on tightening security. Unfortunately they didn't bother telling us what they've decided behind closed doors!!!

Also one of them (the Lib-Dem shadow I believe) came out of the meeting and made a corker of a statement:

"It's at times like these that all politicians should work together for the good of the British people."

What the hell do they think we elect them to do all the rest of the time???

Stef said...

@sparkling: you are, of course, correct

@nm: I missed that quote, priceless.

Amongst some of the measures they have told us about they will be making it illegal to 'glorify suicide bombing in public'. Good, I feel safer already. But then they really should add the crime of glorifying American Foreign Policy to the list as well ...

nascarblue said...

Hey Stef, caught your concise, insightful commentary on Xymphora's blog. You're a very good writer. Good analysis and logic.

I must say though, I've been quite surprised by most Brits seemingly passive and gullible reaction to these bombings. Since the 9/11-CIA flying circus occured in NY, I've been totally disgusted with the lies and propaganda of the US mainstream press. I felt like you Brit's were lucky, having the Guardian, the Independant, and documentaries on BBC that would never make the airwaves here in the US. Well, it seems when it comes to analyzing the US, the UK press does a great job. But when it comes to attacks in London, forget it.

I'd have to say my opinion has changed. Seems like you limey's are just as guilty of hubristic ignorance as us rednecks.

Stef said...

@nascar: thanks for the thumbs up. I must admit to being occasionally lucid but that's more than outweighed by the rest of the stuff I come out with

anyway ...

Well, you've got our number haven't you. The quality of analysis in this country over the last two weeks has been the worst I have ever seen. It's almost as if the media has given itself completely over to state control. Maybe it has.

Given that I have first hand experience of a) being here right now, and b) redneck hubristic ignorance I am forced to agree 100% with your conclusion.

Right now I could list a dozen rock-solid questions/ issues I have about the two sets of bombings in London that demonstrate major official incompetence or deceit. Not lunatic stuff, just basic questions that any objective investigator would ask. But no-one will listen. The programming is just too strong.

What are we all going to do?

I really don't know