Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live 8 - I'm mad for it

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OK, maybe the last post was a little on the long side for a quick read. So here’s an abbreviated version presented by way of a couple of links:

1. Stars see album sales soar after Live 8 gigs

2. Anti poverty bracelets produced by abused Chinese people working for 9p hour

I’ve posted that second link here before and elsewhere but it says so much about the convergence of the ways charities and multinationals approach their ‘business’ - from the marketing tricks they employ, through to sourcing product from the skankiest places possible.

Training shoes or compassion? What’s the difference? It’s getting hard to tell these days.


Extract from an email exchange today between my girlfriend and someone who works in her firm’s Moscow office

Mrs StefZ:Following the media coverage of Live 8 over here .. was the one in Moscow a bomb? I ask because they quoted attendance figures from every other concert except Moscow. I guess there are enough poor people in Russia without them turning out to promote poor people in Africa!’

Moscow Person: The concert has been hailed as a success although the attendance figures were low. The reason for this, I think, is that they only organised it a few days before it was held (the story goes that Sir Bob forgot Russia were in the G8) and so people didn't know if was happening. The other reason might have been that the weather was crap.

Shows you how much I know really. I only twigged that Live 8 concerts were held in G8 member states after reading this email. I guess the concert in Jo’burg was tossed in as a concession to the existence of Africa. I'll stand by my comments about South America and elsewhere in my earlier posting. Wot no poverty in Latin America? Don't get a look in because they're not part of the G8 or African? Mmmmm, so much for all that 'the whole world unites' horse manure.

Top rumour about the quality of the minds behind Live 8 though. I can just picture the scene sometime during the middle of last week...

Bob's PA: Bob, are you sure there are only 7 countries in the G8 ... ?

Geldolf: Oh f$%^*&* ....

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