Friday, July 22, 2005

Have you seen this man?

OK, here’s a picture of one of yesterday’s suspects.

I don’t rate his chances of making his next birthday.

Pictures of the rest of the suspects are here. A bit late and curiously restricted to a single frame each but let's not quibble.

All sorts of questions come to mind.

The first one being …

Given that this is presumably an image of a crazed bomber out to cause terror and slaughter as many people as possible – isn’t there something missing from this image?


I tell you now. Some conspiracy nuts are going to have a ball with the lighting on this guy's face


Right, I’m off to the cornershop to buy some milk – wish me luck


Ian said...

obviously the Police have used the 'Shadow Adjustment' tool on Photoshop CS - a software package useful for the casual photographer, and now also it sems forensic scientists. Or they could of course have just coopied and pasted a new head on to the body.

ruth said...

They must have Photo-shopped all the other people/commuters out of these images - or were people keeping away from them because of the terrible smell? Or why were they so alone?

Stef said...

@ian: yes, thanks for passing me that 'evaluation' copy. I haven't got round to using it yet but surely it's capable of a better job than that?

@ruth: I think we may be looking at a brand new class of terrorist ...

Agoraphobic Suicide Fizzlers

There are at least four of them out there and they smell something rotten.