Thursday, July 21, 2005

Oh dear

Hmmm, there was me moaning about not much going on in the London bombing investigation

And then came today.

I’m typing this inside a police cordon, for the second time in a month. This time apparently because there’s been an ‘incident’ at the Oval tube station and two other tube stations.

I do hope no one has been hurt

For their sake and my country’s sake

If this IS a second attack this country is going to go ballistic and nothing will stop it. A single outrage people can handle and dismiss as a ‘one off’. A second means that there could be a third, or a fourth.


I’ve expressed strong doubts about the nature of the attack in London two weeks ago but it doesn’t really matter who you think did it or how it was done. The only possible motivation was to spread hate and discord amongst the people in this country. If we can’t resist that they have won.

I wouldn’t bet against their chances right now though.


Latest, non sensationalist, news from just in from Reuters...

LONDON (Reuters) - A hospital near the scene of one of Thursday's explosions in London circulated a memo telling staff to look out for a possibly Asian man with wires protruding from his top, television reports said.

University College Hospital, near Warren Street tube station hit by one of the small blasts, said staff should look out for a black, possibly Asian, man with a blue top with a hole from which wires protruded, Sky television said.

BBC News 24 broadcast a similar report. The hospital could not be reached for immediate comment.

Hmmmm, that news will do iPod sales a power of good.

I just popped outside for a peep at the Oval tube station and it's most insane. A police sniffer dog started heading for my nuts so I legged it back home before anyone starting thinking about making my potentially dangerous cajones safe with a controlled detonation or collecting them for forensic analysis.


Anonymous said...

Explosive fiend! ;)


Stef said...

I's, as they say, got The Power

Anonymous said...

impressive, photographer and hip