Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London wins 2012 Olympic bid

Oh bollocks …


Anonymous said...

who cares, we beat the French...forget the rest, they'll hate it


Stef said...

now when you put it like that it almost seems worth it

... I said almost

Ian said...

Instructions now we have won the bid:
1. Go to Ikea and buy a small flat-pack self assembly table;
2. Take it to Ken Livingstone's office, and assemble on the pavement outside;
3. Take your wallet out and place it on the table;
4. Drop your drawers and bend over the table.

No lubricants allowed - it's going to be painful.

Stef said...

As I understand, IKEA have already started stocking their new 'Livingstone 2012' range as of yesterday.

There's possibly some scope for a protest here; dressing up as the Gimp from Pulp Fiction, complete with cut out rubber underwear, marching around Trafalgar Square. Too late to change the result admittedly but it might be fun anyway ...