Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thanks to Rahid for this one

I’m currently working through and enjoying this thread on today’s incidents

The sickest comment of the thread so far is this one …

I found these explosions formulaic: an uninspired retread of the same tired old elements, that utterly fails to capture the charm and wit of the original. Sequels are so often unimpressive, but even by those standards the sheer lack of effort put into this lazily cynical cash-in is staggering. Very disappointing.

Of course maybe it isn’t sick. Maybe it’s a demonstration of the blitz spirit, the stiff upper lip, pluck and resolve in the face of Terror.

Well, I laughed. And given that I still sitting here in the middle of a police cordon I believe that I'm entitled to. So my money’s on Answer B


rahid said...

And it gets stranger still... "You have to love the humour of the Brits" it says here.

"The solution is simple: Ensure that Australian PM John Howard stays in Australia. He was in Washington on S11. He was in London today? I think we've found our terrorist mastermind!"
Posted by S on July 21, 2005 04:42 PM.

"S, I think you might be pinning the blame on the wrong person. Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani was (unsurprisingly) in NYC on 9/11, and in the vicinity of one of the tube stations two weeks ago. I should very much like to see his itinerary for today."
Posted by R M on July 21, 2005 04:50 PM.

Stef said...

even better than that Rahid man...

Giuliani was in the same London hotel as Benjamin Netanyahu on the morning of 7th July

and there's a persistent story that Netanyahu was warned before the first bombing ...

Now, contrary to what some people have accused me of (mostly outside of this blog) I'm not a great 'conspiracy theory' fan (that includes Al Qaeda BTW) and some stories even suggest that the Israelis had been warning the UK about an attack for a while, but this Netanyahu story is 'interesting'.

Let's just say I don't like loose ends and bullshit