Sunday, July 24, 2005

Shoot all Bombers

...and all expatriate Brazilian electricians?


This is the front page of yesterday's
Daily Express.

A few months ago when I blogged my concerns about the current rate of migration into the UK, particularly London, a few people patronised me and suggested that I read the
Daily Express too much and shouldn't believe everything it said.

As it happens I don't read the Daily Express or The Guardian or any of that crap. Left or Right wing it's all the bloody same; consumed by people who are either too lazy to form their own opinion about things or just like reading drivel that coincides with a premanufactured world view they adopted at some point in their past.

Anyway, back to courageous Daily Express haters ...

Where are all the people on the 'Left' of British politics at the moment? I can't hear them.

Where are you bitches?

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