Saturday, December 08, 2007

7/7 Ripple Effect licks donkey nuts ... big time

A couple of days ago I posted about a new video about the 7/7 bombings called ‘Ripple Effect’ which has appeared on the Internet recently

As I mentioned, the film does contain some decent material (much of which has probably been sourced from the July 7th Truth website). Again, as I’ve already mentioned, my problems with
Ripple Effect were twofold:

Firstly, it contains unverified assertions presented as fact which are woven into a speculative narrative
(none of which was sourced from the July 7th Truth website) that is at least as flawed as the Official Narrative

Secondly, I’ve seen reports that copies of
Ripple Effect have been sent, unsolicited, to people who lost loved-ones on 7/7. Combined with recent news that some of the bereaved have been sent unsolicited autopsy details by accident (sic.), I am concerned that this has all the makings of PR car crash which could reflect very badly on anyone who questions the Official Narrative of 7/7

An additional concern I have, which I didn’t elaborate on in my previous post, is the fact that the person who claims to have produced the video and sent it to the bereaved also seems to be claiming that he is the Messiah and the Rightful King of England (aka Muad'dib)...

Muad'dib’s website makes fascinating reading (not that I’m going to grace it with a link here, The Anointed One can presumably handle his own publicity needs) and the site promises some degree of Enlightenment to anyone spiritually courageous enough to send £100 (cash only) to a PO Box on the Mystical Isle of Canvey

The mystic and sacred Isle of Canvey

The Once and Future King appears to have at least a couple of devoted followers who are boosting Ripple Effect all over the place and accusing anyone who expresses concern about sending unsolicited material to murdered people's relatives of clearly being a government agent.

Oh dear

I try very hard to be a pluralistic as possible in my life and acknowledge other people’s right to hold different beliefs to my own; provided that is they stick to the Golden Rule. So whilst I do not question Muad'dib's right to make a film like
Ripple Effect, just as I have to right to point out that the film contains patently misleading material and therefore licks donkey nuts, I do believe that Mr dib and his acolytes have crossed the line in sending their misleading and speculative film to people who had friends and relatives murdered on 7/7

And if it seems like I'm labouring this issue too much with two long, successive posts the simple fact is that there are interests out there itching to leap upon and make a meal out of 7/7 sceptics (as opposed to 7/7 fairytale theorists) putting even a single foot wrong. They've tried before and they'll try again


And in an entirely unrelated and coincidental development, the Conspiraloon
Alliance is currently working on a new deck to add to its existing range of Conspira-Trumps game cards...

The Conspira-Trump
range already includes such firm favourites as Masonic Plod, and the closely related Bent Cops, as well as End Times Predictions (my personal favourite), and Fuckwit Celebrity Global Campaigners packs and now, in commemoration of the burgeoning number of self-proclaimed Messiahs attempting to associate themselves with the 7/7 Truth movement there’s a new deck in town…

Which one's your favourite?

Here’s a taster of the contents…

Further details, along with the all-important pricing information, are available at The One True Conspiraloon Central blog


The Conspiraloon
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Shahid said...

Add Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the late 19th/early 20th century Punjabi Charlatan to that list.

The Messiah top trumps is awesome. Where can I buy my set?

lwtc247 said...

Hi Stef. Thanks for the laughs (and points for consideration). Your readdress of this topic encourages me to comment. I feel some of your scorn for theorists may come my way as I have expressed belief that in the theory that it was known who JCdM was before they shot him. For me it's the only thing that satisfactorily explains his killing. For similar reasons I accuse unknown elements of the British government/establishment of killing 52 people on 7-7. (56 actually. The 4 "bombers" were also people, not that the MSM encourages such ideas!

I also believe there will be a Messiah, and certainly in this modern time, but not that this current crop of messiah's are the real deal (getting a bit crowded out there don't ya think, will there be room for the real one I wonder? - no room at the inn springs to mind!)

Anyway, I can also understand why people make these accusations, devoid of proof or erroneously or whatever.

The superb J7 site does suggest a number of proposed 'scenarios' but does not commit and say 'this happened'. I can appreciate this, but the conspirallon label is still flung at people who even just ask probing questions, because by default, questioners of likely government conspiracies are automatically branded as loons whether or not they promote one particular scenario or just ask questions. But granted, a Q’s only approach is likely to serve well as an open door to others who otherwise would be put off ever thinking about such issues..

But there has to be a time when the questioning stops and charges, i.e. accusations are made. I'd say 7-7 has some way to go before that happens (despite me being convinced already), but other conspiracies like 9-11 is IMO has long surpassed that point, even the Invasion of Iraq. We must be prepared to levy those accusations and utilize the law to being these killers to justice. Sitting around asking more questions and so forth, being good citizens and not tipping over the applecart, then justice will never be served. Remember the statute of limitations and the power of legislators to alter its exceptions and the terms under which the SoL is applied? esp. retrospectively?

The burden of proof has already been fulfilled in the eyes of many, that's why they levvy charges. And Further questioning doesn't really serve any purpose and muddies the waters. e.g. Jim Fetzers energy beams (from space?).

Now, given that it was a conspiracy, it is utterly stupid to think there weren't operative out there trying to cause diversion and so forth. People who think otherwise no doubt believe Saddam Hussein had WMD and tested a nuclear bomb but in the form of people who call themselves the reincarnation of King Arthur or go on about a vague "God head" are the least of our worries. People of the profile like Rachel North are going to be the most effective and dangerous threat to justice against state sponsored terrorism.

And we must not fall into their trap that when someone says something stupid, that the WHOLE of what they have ever said or will ever say is instantly dismissible.

Hope you and the J7’ers keep up the great work

P.S. Shahid, Funny how 'messiah' Mirza didn't actually manage to do ANYTHING the Islamic messiah is supposed to do, yet people still attend his grave. Magic!

P.P.S. Telephone sex??? Is that the same kind of thing as bicycle sex? {Pity this man, who’ll forever have people deliberately being overheard singing, humming, and whistling a particular Queen song}

lwtc247 said...

paul said...

Have to disagree LW, by dropping a few refutable 'turds in the punchbowl' as ralph schoenman calls them, you can lay an elephant trap for the unwary.
Person A is convinced by detective dibble, some point is officially (and loudly)refuted, person A feels stupid and withdraws.
The state may not be playing with a full deck, but it holds most of the cards in this game.
Should the dibble effect gain traction, detective dibble is conveniently the almost perfect conspiraloon analogue of the abu hamza type cartoon jihadi. You can easily imagine the channel 4 package for this story:
The man behind this internet phenomenon believes he king arthur, etc...
As the official conspiracy is an unsupported and improbable thesis, you could argue anyone can do the same(and god knows they will), but where that gets you I'm not sure.
Highlighting the weakness of the official conspiracy seems wiser to me.
That revelation will come from people of the self elevated stature of ms North, I am very sceptical. She alludes to devastating information, but declines to share it, and seems to me to incline towards incompetence theory (as well as promoting 'out of the tunnels (and into the remainder bins)')
Regarding bicycle love, there is an
exquisite yet perfectly groundless conspiracy theory about that already

Stef said...


another for the list...

Stef said...


I have two serious concerns about the 'theorists' behind that particualr film

Firstly, the film goes beyond merely stating 'There is so much wrong with the official story we believe that we are being lied to' or even outlining alternative scenarios. It refers to unproven assertions as being 'proved' and it presents an alternative speculative story as being what really happened

Secondly, they're sending it to the relatives of people murdered on that day

Conspiracy Theory connosieurs will note that the film therefore scores a full house in fulfilling the cliched establishment definition of a crazy conspiracy theory

- made by 'loons' who follow a new Messiah
- a flawed, easily refuted alternate narrative
- offensive to the relatives of the people who died

In short, this latest video is gagging to be identified as being THE 7/7 Conspiracy film and subject to a good seeing to

Whether this has come about deliberately or not I can't say but there have been all sorts of things going on lately over the last couple of weeks which I am not at liberty to talk about (at the moment) which are pushing me towards concluding 'at least part deliberate'

Stef said...


...and btw I am directing absolutely zero scorn your way

The way you go about things is of an altogether different style to the manner adopted by 77RE and the people boosting it

lwtc247 said...

@ Paul.

turds in the bowl, LOL... Reminds me of "Caddyshack" just the bowl was a bit larger!

Perhaps it depends on what 'kind' of person-cum-loon we are dealing with?

I'd classify myself as an seasoned loon. If it became apparent that I believed in a sack of shot, yeah, I may feel 'oops' for a while, cheeks may redden, but I've the mental fortitude to soon afterwards, appraise the situation, and gain solace in remembering that I adopted that initial belief sincerely, and that the judgement I made was based on the information I had at the time. What else can a person do"

{eeeek... this sounds like bLiar.. difference is, he synthesised the "information", is a war fantasist, a proven liar and a filthy mass murdering maniac!}

I don't think people embrace conspiracy easily. It isn't comfortable when the charade of "Great" Britain, or the US if you happen to be a USan, falls down to reveal a country and history of inflicting misery and suffering across the world which it extends that onto it's own people in various forms, and at various times, according to the objectives of a small bunch of ultra rich deluded supremacists.

Now, I have a steadfast knowledge about a number of disgraceful acts perpetrated by TPTB, elements of conspiracy or 'full-blown' conspiracies which places me immovably in the conspiraloon camp. This knowledge automatically opens my mind to the possibility that new issues may also be conspiracies, in fact these days it's not so easy to stop being my default opinion! (a very non-PC way of saying I'm of the sceptical persuasion,)

But I realise when probing or examining 'new' issues, that Its near inevitable that I'm gonna come across new info that will require a shift of perspective, but I still operate in loon-land, and I guess that's how a lot of other Conspiranuts feel too. There is a strong force at work keeping me and others there.

It's not without a cost of course and I empathise with Stefs 'greenbiro' man! Myself and Hope are near total strangers. But Conspiraloonacy it's a situation I know I must never turn away from, out of caring for the current and future good people who will walk this earth.

So all in all, I wonder how many people would forever depart from believing in a conspiracy to rejoining the herd. That shift seems rather extreme.

If on the other hand we are dealing with 'neutrals', then OK, I can see that this MSM game, and the undoubted existence of straw man builders, could deter such people applying for visa's to enter Conspirastan, but the history of well researched and admitted, 'traditional' (if you like) conspiracies, are food enough to rubber stamp those visas.

How would such weak minded people fare anyway after the govts ministry of truth makes new comments on 7-7. It's possible such people are unlikely to support the truth-revolution and all its consequences anyway.

"Highlighting the weakness of the official conspiracy seems wiser to me." and in relation to 7-7, I'd agree, but for only this phase; IMO, 7-7 is proving a tough nut to crack because 7-7 only has a small number (relatively speaking) of researchers on the matter such as your good self, and the Govt, isn't giving an inch on the matter with in terms of answering questions, shifting away from its atrocious narrative or holding a truly independent enquiry. All we have is the MI5 cock-up "revelation" which *yawn* is suffering from severe overuse (unlike unknown consequence of such culpability I should add!)

9-11 on the other hand, is a well cracked, nay, pulverised nut, and in fact one could say repeatedly so, but that really now needs to move to the next stage and writs must be served.

I wonder when J7 will decide to move to that stage?

but where that gets you I'm not sure." What it does well is, I'd say, allow for a systematic method for crawling through and mapping out the thousands of variables which, with each avenue that gets crossed off leads is closer in the direction of the real story and the real villains behind it. Granted many of these avenues are traps for the setters of straw-men, but I think it's likely that the real situation isn't likely to anything convoluted, rather something that boils down to some plutocrats trying to minimise their losses, maintaining them or reinforcing them, or of course and we can't neglect this that it was an act of defiance against a brutally imperialistic foreign policy.

The possibilities listed on J7's site are very likely to contain the real scenario. One day soon (I hope) we will be able to reject the disproven hypotheses and be left with positive confirmation of just one, although a gander into contemporary history gives a very good primer!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for doing what you do, irrespective of what method is employed.

& Cheers for the bike-sex link. I'll comment on it in a bit.

Stef said...


If you have a spare day or two, take a look at this thread on the 9/ board...

lwtc247 said...

@ stef

I wasn't accusing you of point at me. I scooped up that 'scorn' up entirely of my own volition, as I know something’s I cling to are a bit tenuous, but have little better explanation for (i.e. theorising – which touches on an aspect raised in the first post).

Re: Ripple Effect (RE). I’ve not seen it yet but entertain my clearing of the table, and lay out a premise that the people who made Ripple Effect (RE) are sincere.

I can imagine that from their analysis and discussions about the problems of 7-7, that they see the problem (e.g Luton photo) or narrative lie (e.g. train times) of 7-7 as being beyond reasonable doubt of a conspiracy. This then invites 2 leading possibilities:

the popular cover-up of cock-up
cover-up of deliverance.

Given the teflonisation of public office, and the detachment of consequence stemming from incompetence, I can imagine RE's makers as concluding the 'cover-up of cock-up' is improbable, leaving only cover-up of deliverance, and that this is beyond all reasonable doubt and hence proof.

It's seems like actually it's an oddity of the legal system that eradicates small doubts into a homogeneous proof.

As for the sending of the tapes to the relatives, again I could understand that if, in their conviction, that RE provided the concrete proof, then they would be acting righteously, and the friends and relatives would turn on the establishment in response, (at which point my spideyloon sense begins to tingle as I start to wonder what role this particular messiah would see for himself in the likely power vacuum? Hummm....)

Or another possibility of course, that they are not sincere and produced a sloppy movie full of holes and showed a great insensitivity to the relatives and friends of the victims, for the strong and multiple reasons you do well in exposing.

lwtc247 said...

P.S. thanks for the link.

It just so happens my last in a series of stress causing headache inducing deadline clears tomorrow and so I will have a few days.


Anonymous said...

So when is this conspiro-patsy going to be revealed by MSM?

Before or after Christmas?

Stef said...

Making an educated guess, based on a couple of recent background happenings, I would say early in the new year sometime

Mike Rose said...

Muad'Dib's religious views are of no concern whatsoever...and you do your argument no good by trying to have a go at him personally...

7/7 Ripple Effect reconstructs What Could Have Really Happened so very convinciningly, it is by far the best argument I've ever seen for an official inquiry into what genocidal criminals let loose on innocent Londoners that day.

Do NOT be fooled by whatever Her Ladyship Justice pronounces after any Octorber inquest: Her terms of reference, set together with additional quasi-judicial handicaps with which she chains her office, ensure that no evidence will be recorded that will change the dreadful fact that 4 Legally-Still-Innocent men are still being repeated and unjustly blamed in official quarters for the most heinous crime the Establishment PerpeTraitors have unleashed on their fellow citizens.

Pending a properly-instituted inquiry into events of 7 July 2005, Muad-Dib's truly amazing analysis is unfortunately destined to remain the best documentary evidence we have to record the real evidence of 7/7

Stef said...

It's not about me spinning Muad'dib's 'religious' views in an attempt to make him look like a knob

It's about this allegedly brilliant Messianic figure playing perfectly into the BBC's hands and supplying the State Broadcasting Corporation with material thast could be spun to make all those who question Official Narratives look like knobs

which, surprise, surprise, it did, lots

and since when does making-up a competing, equally unsubstantiated, fairy story qualify as the being the best argument for a proper inquiry in 7/7?

Muad'dib has displayed absolutely fuck all empathy or sensitivty to the relatives of people killed on 7/7 and was attempting to manipulate them for his own purposes. This is the mentality of the kind of people I detest deeply.

So, all things considered, even putting his religious views to one side, I am not a fan

and I remain completely unrepetent about putting as much distance between myself and choppers like Muad'dib as possible

lwtc247 said...

and since when does making-up a competing, equally unsubstantiated, fairy story qualify as the being the best argument for a proper inquiry in 7/7?

- Because (to some) it gives (/may give) realisation to the fact that there is an alternative explanation in competirion with the official narrative that is as least as comprehensive (or more so) as to the known facts and reports of happened that day???

Stef said...

If you can identify someone who was genuinely satisified with the Official 7/7 Narrative and who subsequently saw the light after watching 7/7 Ripple Effect I really would love to hear about them