Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stand Down Margaret/ Tony/ Gordon/ David

These are interesting days over at
The Guardian's 'Comment is Free' site

First there was Charlton Brooker's smug and excruciatingly unfunny piece on 9/11 Conspiraloons which drew 1,778 warmly appreciative comments in next to no time...

And now there's David Milliband's equally smug, but slightly funnier (unintentionally) piece, on why the Labour Government isn't really an unholy incarnation of Pure Evil...

...743 adoring comments and counting

Forget about oil and gas shortages, if things carry on like this we'll reach Peak Tinfoil long before the hydrocarbons run out

Though, in fairness, there was a division of opinion between Loon and Anti-Loon in the comments underneath the 9/11 article

No such division of opinion underneath the Milliband piece

Everyone is fucked off with David and the Labour Party

Even members of the Labour Party

The penny has finally dropped

It would seem that calls to support the Labour Party, however wicked its actions, simply because it isn't the Conservative Party just won't cut it any more

which makes for an interesting situation

Even in their worst days, previous fucked up administrations retained at least a core of loyal, grassroots supporters

Not so this time round


  • Who do you vote for when you finally realise that you're living in what is effectively an unrepresentative single party state, or do you just not bother?
  • What do you do when you just can't pay your monthly bills any more?
  • And what are the guys who run that single party state going to come up with to preempt your decisions?


and whilst on the subject of past fucked-up administrations, fellow blogger Merkin made a couple of amusing comments underneath the Milliband piece; including one which made reference to 'Stand Down Margaret' by The Beat

  • Stand Down Margaret - released 1980
  • Margaret - stands down 1990

Ah, the power of popular music

Here's a clip of ex Beat member Dave Wakeling doing an acoustic version of SDM last year. There's a little sliver of ad libbing at the end which nicely captures that sense of 'what the fuck was that all about?' now being experienced by a lot of people who worked so hard to help the current government into power

plus ca change



Anonymous said...

He's literally, and metaphorically made of plastic isn't he?

I can;t be the only one incredibly creeped out by the fact that David 'Steve' Milland, Nick Clegg and David Cameron are the same person can I?

Anonymous said...

By the way, feel free to use that image in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Corrected for spelling mistakes(David Millaband is incapable of making typos)!

Stef said...

I can;t be the only one incredibly creeped out by the fact that David 'Steve' Milland, Nick Clegg and David Cameron are the same person can I?

Don't be silly, of course not

Merkin said...

A good beard and any of them could look like a Jugoslav fugitive, in a certain light.

Interesting for me is that, today alone, my own blog has had 250+ extra viewers looking at MilliVanilli making an arse of himself. He is just soooooo disliked.
Needless to say my computer is now slower than a Bruno decision (and I am sure my excess bandwidth will crunch my credit big style).
Worth it, though.

paul said...

The title has that glorious, optimistic word 'Change'. I'm sure the autistic foreign secretary would agree with with Barak Obama's statement
"We are going to turn the page on the politics of the past!"
Which is my favourite piece of flannel this year, even if I don't understand it.

Note to the prospective prime minister: change is generally shit.

Anonymous said...

Funny what isn't reported in the newspapers and television; such as, Berezovsky v Russian Television & Radio Broadcasting Company & Anor [2008] EWHC 1918 (QB)

"The programme included an interview with a man identified only as "Pyotr". It was asserted in the programme that he was under the protection of the British police. In the course of the interview, he made allegations against Mr Berezovsky to the effect that he had been part of a criminal conspiracy to avoid extradition from this country, and to obtain political asylum, by procuring a false confession from Pyotr. This was said to be, first, by offering huge bribes to him and, subsequently, by drugging him. Mr Berezovsky was also accused of being responsible for the murder of Mr Litvinienko."

Stef said...

Yes, it is funny

paul said...

Not much of a fuss over this one either

Most importantly, Mr Hill said, a cupboard in the hallway of the defendant’s flat contained three plastic bottles filled with bomb-making materials, as well as instructions written in Arabic.

Concluding his opening speech, Mr Hill told the jury: “The Crown’s case is that this defendant was caught in the process of a practical attempt to create improvised explosive devices.

“Because he was caught in the act, it follows that the defendant had not completed his task, so the bombs were not finally constructed.

“Equally, because he was caught in the act, neither the written instructions nor the bomb mixtures had reached their destination - when or where the bombs were going to be used is not known.”

Seems a bit thin for 7 years in the chokey.

paul said...

Blast those pesky juries

Still, should be able to rustle up a few anonymous witnesses for the retrial

anon 22:41 said...


Seymour Hersh is da Man.


Obama's eminence grise is Brzezinski.
In this context, for the UK PM, to turn a page on the politics of the past will mean the US will end the special relationship with the UK, to favor a new one with France and Germany. It's all been written in 1997, it's happening now.

About the terror trials, Spain is going through the same, with even more ridiculous cases.
The March 11th attacks in Madrid (aka 11-M) were also VERY spooky).
A TV documetary was produced "Las Sombras de 11-M"(the shadows of 11-M, Couldn't find a translated or subtitled version), which is exactly the kind of documentary I would love to see about 9/11 and 7/7. It has been made by professional journalists doing real journalist job.
This is a refreshing change to stuff made by pongo tesco value prophets. I'm a bit tiered of having to sift through piles of shite to find a wee nugget of sense.
Although I must say that's part of the fun in conspiraloonery, and I've always been fond of internet kooks.

Stef said...

Seymour Hersh is da Man.

he also happens to be a Jewish man which must confuse the likes of Eric Hufschmidt immensely

anon 22:41 said...

I thought Hufschmidt was a jewish name.
Maybe he's just immensely confused.

I was actually looking into his Murdoch connection thing. Trying to establish a timelime between the marriage and the intensifying of his antizionist stuff. Maybe was he asked to add more lurid stuff in exchange of publication/airtime?

paul said...


Indeed, the obama machine looks very much like a brezinski family affair. The berlin address was very mega-ritual.

I think the 'special relationship' was dead the moment Churchill had to ask FDR if he had to:

'Get on my hind legs and beg like Falla?'.
(Falla was the president's dog)

I wonder if that was in the churchill book our bunkered prime minister gave to mr obama?

North America as no need for friends, but it vassals are handy and the berlusconi/merkel/sarkozy/brown/cameron arrangement must be pleasing to its eye.