Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dr Dragon - an update

Yes, that website I linked to in my last post is indeed a hoax

and yes, I did think it was iffy when I linked to it
(42 pages of unrelenting porn spam on the site forum was a bit of a clue) but no more iffy than any of the other Karadžić coverage we've been blasted with over the last few days

Radovan Karadžić

And if you're willing to believe that someone as infamous as Karadžić managed to live amongst his adoring countryfolk unrecognized for over a decade, thanks to the magical cloaking powers of a really big bushy beard, you're also probably willing to believe that he's going to be allowed to dish the dirt in open court on all the grubby little deals he was party to

Just like Saddam Hussein did(n't)



Anonymous said...

Some time ago, it was found the CIA and the usual scum like the BBC were altering wikipedia about Ahmadinejad and so on.

I think who's behind the site is now clear given that in just 106 words after the title "Why Hoax?", the BBC says this...

"Crop circles are in the same group of global hoax: nothing in it for the hoaxer other than the amusement at seeing others scratch their heads and jump to daft conclusions."

yours cropcircley

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this? -

Apperently Richard Holbrooke the US envoy who brokered peace in the Balkans actually signed a secret deal with Karadzic offering him money and protection if he pissed off and went into hiding. So when Karadzic is convicted of war crimes in what will of course be an entirely fair trial at the Hague, will Holbrooke and the US government also be convicted of been accessories after the fact?

Of course they will. Of course they will.