Monday, July 14, 2008

Segway Troopers

I've just followed a link from the b3ta board to an absolutely excellent (though browser-chokingly large) series of photos of Chinese anti-terrorism preparations for the Beijing Olympics

Surface to Air Missiles, flamethrowers, these guys aren't mucking about

Obviously, the Chinese are decades behind the kind of sophisticated anti-terrorism techniques employed by the West; such as bombing and invading other countries, shooting electricians in the face, confiscating hair gel and emptying machine guns into crowds of innocent bystanders, but it's impressive stuff nevertheless

For some reason, this image exerted a particularly strong pull on my imagination...



ziz said...

I seriously doubt whether Lord Patel will agree to be selected for the GB team for the 400 metres hurdles.

Jumping over those is had enough without having to dodge the Segway gang and that freakin' fireshooter.

Merkin said...

I was in You-tube mood.
Looked for 'I fell in love with a Starship Trooper' as a means of illustrating some arcane point.
Found it.
And then I got sidetracked into lots of magic music from the past.
I could never be a REAL terrorist.
Of course, not.
While I was looking at the 'ins-and-outs' of chapatti flour, I got engrossed by 'The Kumars at 7/7 Streeet'.
The only bum-buster I got was a major Jalfrezi.
I did point it at Mecca, though.
Sorry, having checked my Google map, I actually pointed it at Ikea.
That is sufficiently foreign, I suppose.

lwtc247 said...

flamethrowers. LOL.

Stef said...


as a quick experiment I just opened up youtube, thought of the words 'magic music from the past' and this is the first track I found my fingers searching for

I may not be a terrorist but I clearly have issues

Stef said...


just think about it

The Yellow Horde

... on Segways

is this how civilisation will come to an end?

Merkin said...

Stef, I followed your link and now know you clearly have issues.
However, it was only after I played the track backwards that i found the Thunderclap Newman lyrics cleverly inserted within the folds of the dancer's lycra spray-on pants.
With the Taste Police hammering at my door, I was forced to 'do a Gordon Brown'.

'Yes, I am Spartacus', he said with his fingers crossed behind his back a la Rick from The Young Ones.
Problem solved.