Saturday, August 02, 2008

Stef's Weekly CSI round-up

This week on CSI: Miami

"A men's hunting weekend turns deadly when one of the group is mauled by a bear and evidence suggests foul play. The CSIs determine that the hunter may have been set up as bait for the 800 pound black bear. As the case unfolds, further evidence suggests that his death may have been a cover-up for the murder of a high-class call girl and her bodyguard, revealing an illegal prostitution business servicing Miami's elite."

Meanwhile, this week on CSI: Jersey

"Police in Jersey say a murder inquiry may never take place, despite the discovery of remains of at least five children at a former children's home.

They say such an inquiry was unlikely because an exact date could not be put on the remains, believed to have come from children aged four to 11.

State Broadcasting Company obligingly puts out a couple of puff pieces explaining why this isn't bollocks"

Nex week on CSI: Jersey

"Local police call in the crack specialists who worked on the Barry George and 7/7 investigations and identify a local bearded nutter who's been on a day trip as their prime suspect"


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y said...

Strange that in Jersey case, the testimony of survivors plus the physical evidence (remains of five children) is not considered enough for a murder prosecution.

Yet £10 Million is spent on round 1 of the '7/7 helpers' show trial