Sunday, July 13, 2008

The BBC, respecting its audience's intelligence since 1922 - pt2

This is a video of a chap called Barry Jennings

Barry worked in WTC7 and was unlucky enough to get trapped in WTC7 for a few hours before it collapsed on 9/11

Barry featured heavily in the BBC Conspiracy Files documentary last week about the collapse of WTC7

What wasn't at all clear was what the makers of the documentary were trying to tell us with the clips of Barry they showed.

Barry's account was heavily edited and the context of what he was saying was not properly explained. An attempt was certainly made, however, to leave viewers with the impression that Barry's account of his experiences on 9/11, whatever they actually were, had been misrepresented by 9/11 conspiracy theorists

If you take the time to play the above two-part Youtube video of an unedited interview with Barry things are a lot clearer - and get particularly interesting four minutes into the second part

What Barry is saying is that, on 9/11, WTC7 suffered from a series of internal explosions and started disintegrating internally before WTC1 collapsed and damaged WTC7

If Barry's account is accurate WTC7 was not destroyed as the result of two airliners hitting the twin towers

Of course, all the usual caveats about placing too much faith in any eye witness testimony, for or against any position you hold, or trusting anything put out by the Loose Change crew apply

As they do with...

This is a video of a chap called John Schroeder

John was a New York fireman working in WTC1 on the morning of 9/11

John has lots of interesting things to say about what he saw in WTC1 and believes that the lower levels of the building had been badly damaged by something other than the plane strike 'eighty floors above'

John reportedly lost five of his immediate workmates that day, as well as 40% of his lung capacity and maybe some of his marbles from breathing in toxic crap.

It would be interesting to see if any BBC television producers or any other conspiracy theory debunkers would have the cheek to accuse John of being an insensitive ghoulish jackal or a friend of the terrorists for expressing doubts about the official narrative of a terrorist atrocity.

Come to think of it, if what the likes of John and Barry are saying is true it's the BBC television producers who are the insensitive ghoulish jackals

Actually, they'd be something much worse than that

John has not featured heavily in any episodes of the BBC Conspiracy Files



Anonymous said...

This is how I became a conspiraloon.
I owned some shares in a few companies on the Nasdaq and like everyone else watched anxiously as the markets fell.Like everyone else however there was total confusion as to what exactly had happened.A week passed and the yahoo finance boards were filled with "rumors" that it was an inside job,,thats right only a week had passed and some people were shouting inside job.Someone suggested I should check out Mike Riveros Whatreallyhappened for further info this I did and thus became a conspiraloon.
Back then the BBC had a forum called the Great Debate (if I remember correctly)
I started posting regularly that 911 was an inside job and provided many links.I called myself Don Van Vliet!I posted for over a year that 911 was an inside job.

The board was shut down.I got banned.The BBC are government controlled wankers.

nearly 8 years on and the criminals are still in power.Televised mass murder and glaring overwhelming evidence shows the impotence of the people.

Stef said...

I was working for a commodity trading firm at the time. After the attacks we started hearing all those stories about the short airline trades and I remember everyone saying that whoever made them had made a mistake because you can't trade futures and options anonymously and any investigation would eventually finger the people with prior knowledge

still waiting...

and then, not that they were a direct part of the 9/11 atrocity, there were those anthrax attacks

and again I remember people saying that all anthrax strains have a unique footprint and that it was only a matter of time before an investigation would point the finger towards a certain moustachioed chap in the middle east

still waiting...

I also remember stories about the smoking ruins and the underground fires still being so hot days after that metal was softening and bending and the cleanup workers having to steer clear of swathes of the site as a consequence

according to the BBC last week that was actually down to blokes using cutting torches - they must have been really f***ing big torches

Tony said...

I don't believe him.

8:46 – AA 11 hits Northtower
9:03 – UA 175 hits Southtower

So he gets the call (I guess it would take at least one or two minutes from the impact until he gets the call?), gets in his car, through the city (ok, light traffic, but how far has he to go?) and within 17 minutes from the first impact he goes to WTC 7, up the elevator, down again, up the freight elevator again to the 22nd/23rd floor? Just in time for the second plane to hit WTC?


Tony said...

... unless he gets the call before 8:46. Which leads us to the "believe whatever we want to believe" land...

Stef said...

On top of that, by his own statement, WTC7 had already been evacuated when he entered the building

And yet he still carried on up into the building before noticing that no-one else was around?!


Yet, for some reason, the BBC devoted a significant amount of time to his heavily edited testimony. What? Were they short of material?

Tony said...

Sorry, I missed that he was already on his way to work...

Tony said...

Which reminds me of these videos.

What happened and what one remembers are two things...

Tony said...

Watching these videos again, I feel that the "professional law enforcers" work the same as you run of the mill conspiracy theorists: "Someone is guilty, we are going to prove that he is guilty, even if we have to take his own words out of context."

Tony said...

Strike out the 'you'...

Stef said...

this gets back to a point which came up in an earlier thread

in spite centuries of supposed enlightenment and progress much of what passes for objectivity in our world is still advocacy

people aren't looking for objective truth in their lives, they're much more comfortable taking their cues from people who can make a 'case' which supports whatever tribe circumstances made them a member of

Anonymous said...

I´m sure you are are of this timeline the most comprehensive on the net.

href="">The Mother of all 911 Timelines

Anonymous said...

try again.

911 Time line

Stef said...

fwiw I don't even pretend to know with any certainty what really happened on 7/7 and 9/11

what I am certain about is that the BBC lies through its fucking teeth and actively goes out of its way to present as distorted case as possible when it covers those events

Anonymous said...

Let me guess that this documentary omitted any mention of the 9/11 wargames or the incriminating reports and statements from mainstream sources regarding the timeline of events and actions of various people that day.

There's a ton of better stuff regarding the actions of Mineta, Cheney, Guiliani, Bush, Rice and their subsequent statements and testimonies which provide a much more provable case.

The media naturally focuses on more contentious and less provable claims (usually involving the building collapses), yet ignores the things like the put options on airlines and insurance companies and the above.

Sadly, much of the same is true vis-a-vis 7/7.

The other anon posts an excellent link above.

Anonymous said...

(11:30 p.m.) September 11, 2001: President Bush Sees 9/11 as New Pearl Harbor

Before going to sleep, President Bush writes in his diary, “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.… We think it’s Osama bin Laden.” [Washington Post, 1/27/2002]

The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today

sure did where have i heard that phrase before???oh fuck yeah now I remember.

"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event � like a new Pearl Harbor..."

"And advanced forms of biological warfare that can �target� specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool."

-- from "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century," September, 2000.

funny enough guv the PNAC website no longer exists.
google it!!it has fuckin vanished!Orwellianized!

Anonymous said...

almost gone but not quite.

almost gone but not quite

Anonymous said...

to find things that have vanished from public view

to find things that have vanished from public view

paul said...

It's possible that mr Jennings might not fancy ending up like terence yeakey.
Official reports claim Yeakey slashed his wrists, one twice and the other three times, placed two slits in a vein at the bend of the elbow of one arm and four at the bend of the elbow of the other, and then stabbed himself with the knife in both sides of the throat, near the jugular vein. Then he walked one-and-a-half miles where he shot himself in the side of the head. The bullet entered the upper temple on the right side and exited below the upper jaw bone on the left side, meaning the gun would have been pointed in a downward angle -- a most unlikely way for a person bent on suicide to hold a gun.

The Murrah bombing also received the attentions of wtc7 stalwarts W.Gene Corley and Monsieur Loizeux

Anonymous said...

anyway listen lads here is a video I put together about a year ago.Forgive the vocals,I´m not a singer,,,more of a guitar player.Couldn´t find anyone that would do the vocals so I had to go for it.

Dirty old Men of Sept 11th

ps spot the spelling mistakes!)

Stef said...

Forgive the vocals,I´m not a singer


give me soul over too much production any day