Friday, July 11, 2008

Another triumph for the Ministry of Chocolate Teapots

It's round about that time of year when, after ten days or so of struggling around town like a drowned rat, I traditionally turn to the Met Office Long Range Weather Forecast to marvel, yet again, at its uncanny, almost psychic, predictive power...

"UK forecast for Summer 2008 (issued 3 April 2008)


Mean temperatures are more likely to be above the 1971-2000 average. However, there is a slightly enhanced chance of cloudier and cooler spells.


Rainfall is more likely to be either near average or above average. The risk of exceptional rainfall, as seen last summer, is assessed as very low at this stage. "

...about as vague as a newspaper astrology column and still
fucking wrong

One of these days it's going to dawn on someone that employing a bloke in Ireland to phone us up and tell us what's coming would probably be more accurate and definitely be more cost-effective



Alex Fear said...

I don't hear much talk about global warming these days... did the rain eat all the carbon?

Stef said...

I think you'll find that it's referred to as 'climate change' these days

paul said...

Get with the program alex, any day to day/week to week/season to season change in any direction, in any degree, threatens our way of life and plays into the hands of our enemies.

Climate change falls into that wonderful and special category; of things that are not just real, but very real.

When you hear or read this phrase, stop everything and make your way to the nearest morlock bunker.

Now finish all your food and go to bed

Antipholus Papps said...

When it rains like that, I just put up my suede hoodie! My suede hoodie laughs at chocolate teapots.

Wolfie said...

So the fluid-dynamics are getting more dynamic, now what would cause that I wonder?

What theory postulated this eventuality?

There was a time when folksy rhymes could predict the weather quite accurately.

Big Jobbie said...

Its rained like that in Scotland for the last month ffs. As usual. Not for viewers in Scotland until it bashes you lot in the fizzer.

Stef said...

22/08/2008 14:34

Met Office (Scotland)

(Met Office) Record rainfall figures for Central Scotland

Following on from a record-breaking wet summer in 2007, heavy rain this August has resulted in more floods in many areas of the Scotland.

Regions worst hit so far this August have been Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Fife where floods have severely affected road and rail transport.

Record August Rainfall in Scotland

Previous August Rainfall Record - Rainfall up to 10am 22 August

Salburgh midway 189.1mm(1992) - 229.2mm

Gogarbank 128.2 mm(2002) - 195mm

Strathallan Airfield 111.2mm (1992) - 180.6mm

Charterhall 127.2mm(2004) - 174.8mm