Monday, July 07, 2008

They hate us for our puppies

First, in spite of the fact that They are taught to respect Jesus and his teachings, They tried to take away Christmas

Then, in spite of the fact that They have no significant presence in our government, judiciary or security forces, They tried to impose FundaMENTAList Sharia Law on the entire country

Now They have started on our puppies, our cute adorable puppies...

The police/ media clearly think they've stumbled onto a winner with this puppy thing and this new angle looks like it's going to run and run...

For the correct treatment of cute adorable puppies and their relative importance compared to the lives and deaths of a few hundred thousand brown people please refer to this instructional video...



Tony said...

News-Flash! President Bush declares national emergency and (almost) nobody notices! Top conspiraloon blogger blogs about puppies instead!

Stef said...

but puppies are sooooooooooooooooooo cute

Tony said...

The so called "newspapers" with their claimed "objective" reporting are full of hypocritical bastards.

In related news, you might like that:
"Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with the events surrounding 9/11. Bin Laden initially denied responsibility for the World Trade Center attacks but in 2004 stated that he had been in charge of the hijackers. He's continued to do so ever since. But the admission has not deterred the 9/11 Truth Movement. They still, ludicrously, blame the collapsing towers on a controlled demolition ordered by the US government. All the planes we saw were a hologram, of course. Comment Central Verdict: Guilty."

Stef said...

...brought to you by the same interests which describe anyone with doubts about 9/11 and 7/7 as being a tiny minority of mentally unbalanced, maladjusted teenagers wanking off in their bedrooms

I'm flattered that they show us so much interest

Tony said...

And as to the Reichstagsfire: The lone-lunatic theory was heavily published by Rudolf Augstein (Editor in chief of "Der Spiegel") in his magazine (and this theory is still defended by the "Der Spiegel" until today). Rudolf Augstein had good connections to Rudolf Diels (Former chief of the Gestapo), Wilfred von Oven (Adjutant of Goebbels), Walter Zirpins (SS-Sturmbannführer) and Paul Karl Schmidt (SS-Obersturmbannführer). Does it surrprise you, that Rudolf Diels is suspected by those who think that Lubbe didn't do it?
(Alas, in German only)

bob said...

for daily sadness in Iraq I recommend this site.

They take an impartial view and report violence on a dail basis.Have done since 2003 every day.

bob said...

Anyone else notice just how bizarre the news has become lately??(even more than it is normally)If Al Quaeda doesn´t get ya then a fuckin Muslim might and if they dont your gonna starve to death because food is becoming sooo expensive you won´t be able to afford nuttin(fuck wit Brown reminds us not to waste grub,mind and like yer feckin plates!) not only that even if you have the food you won´t be able to afford to heat the stuff up because electricity and gas are going to get so expensive etc and if you do manage to buy somethiong and heat it up you may just fuckin die because of GM contamination,,,,whoa a bird just flew by mind the fuckin bird flu!!!courtesy of the British Bullshit Corp

yeah and whilst I´m at it the head of British intelligence was found covered and blood and in a coma something I´ve not heard BBC radio 4 report even once.

The mystery surrounding the sudden illness of Britain's top spy deepened last night after a neighbour revealed he was found covered in blood by an artist who worked in his house.

Alex Allan, the 57-year-old chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, was still in a coma under police guard as doctors ran tests to try to identify what caused him to collapse.

He was found by wildlife painter Dominique Salm,
Dominique Salm (right) may have saved Alex Allan's life after finding him in a coma 'covered in blood'

Dominique Salm may have saved Alex Allan's life after finding him in a coma 'covered in blood'

Neighbours said yesterday that Miss Salm, 35, may have saved his life. She told them she encountered a horrifying scene, with Mr Allan slumped unconscious and 'blood everywhere'.

Anonymous said...

More weirdness here Bob, "Madeleine McCann parents drop court fight as police agree to share records".

If they had something to do with the disappearance, is this going to cause a problem?

Shahid said...

Abu Hurayrah (ra) narrated that the Prophet (saw) said: “A traveller who was thirsty saw a well on the road. He got inside the well and when he came out he saw a dog licking mud because of thirst. The man thought to himself that the dog might be as thirsty as he was and so he got into the well again, filled his leather sock with water and carried it out holding it with his teeth. And thus he quenched the dog’s thirst. Allah was pleased with this act of kindness and pardoned his sins.” The Companions asked, “O Messenger of Allah, is there recompense in the matter of beasts and wild animals also?” The Prophet replied “There is recompense in regard to every creature that has a living heart.”