Friday, July 18, 2008

There are children here somewhere. I can smell them

Cheers to anon for sharing a most entertaining link to a new government web site, '
the site where where 16-25's can have their say about identity issues in the UK'

Oh, dear - is there anything quite so cringeworthy as half-arsed, vaguely sinister attempts at grown-ups trying to be 'with it' through encouraging the production of material 'by young people, for young people', whilst the grown ups continue to lurk in the background brandishing a big fuck off stick, just in case

In the word's of anon...

"It's obviously a serious attempt to really listen to what our young people have to say about this vital issue. So when Jacqui reads the messageboard she'll get the message loud and clear won't she? -

- Proving my age is a very different thing to proving my identity
- This is blatant government propaganda
- This site is government propanda
- Shop Assistants using the need to show ID to bully people
- The Nation ID Register is not secure - here's just one powerful reason
- How can you stop civil servants peeking
- I'd rather emmigrate or go to prison
- Don't want one either
- Why centralised?
- Disagree with ID Cards and hav your post removed
- Don't want, Won't have
- Creepy
- Stopping the ID card scheme
- I don't trust you.
- Civil Disobedience

Warms the cockles of the heart it does."

Yes, yes it does. As did the first reply (and avatar) to this thread asking '
Tell us a little bit more about yourself'

anon goes on to say...

"Arrg the way the moderator on that id site is trying to massage the debate is asbolutly blatant and creepy:

Hi British Nick,

I understand what you say about a card not being able to stop a person from making an actual bomb. This can still happen!

I wish that the new system would stop terrorists altogether. It might be more difficult to gain access to the country from the EU if passports have chips with an individuals face and eye scans and fingerprints on. This might stop unwanted people (terrorists) coming into the country???

It will be annoying that we have to have our fingerprints taken as well.

Do you think that holding information on a central database is better than lots of different paperwork? Is this not safer and easier?

Let us know

Cheers mate.

The faux open minded chumminess particularly."

Once more, I can only agree. I haven't felt quite so creeped out since the last time I sat with my little niece playing in Club Penguin

but that's another story

which I will doubtlessly end up sharing with my new 'mates' over at



Anonymous said...

Carousel Going Round and Round.

Can I ask here for some help with research?

Back in 23 Aug 1994, the Daily Record had the following,

"A former Celtic coach has appeared in court in connection with an alleged £10million booze fiddle. Mick Martin, who played for Newcastle United and the Republic of Ireland, is accused of evading duty and tax on a "vast quantity" of spirits exported across the Irish sea."

The story goes on, it doesn't mention carousel fraud, but I hear that there may be links.

What is of interest is that the court case got dropped at the last moment. I think it was as dramatic as the defendants being told on the steps of the court that the charges brought against them were to be dropped. Apparently it caused a minor scandal at the time. I don't know why; nor do I have any links to newspaper stories.

Can anyone help with links and such. I don't have a link for the story above.

billybong said...

Hey ^Anony^, shouldn't that comment be on the Postmans Blog?

Stef said...

Lord Patel does indeed 'do' carousel fraud better than this blog ever could

I will have a root around myself though and encourage anyone who bumps into this request who can help to chip in if they can

We (as opposed to the mainstream press) are, after all, talking telephone numbers - international ones...

Anonymous said...

Anony sez: thanks all ... My Lord Patel is a visitor to Stef's site and hence I thought that he'd pick up the request.

@Stef: thanks ... I found the Daily Record article via Lexis Nexis Butterworth search engine. Nothing else though.

There was something peculiar about the decision to drop the charges; I'm trying to find out exactly what the charges were and why they were dropped. (Or the reasons given for dropping the charges).