Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mark Regev in action...

Did I just hear that right?

A quality selection of Hamas built WMD - as NOT used to break ceasefires



Merkin said...

Comical Ali springs to mind

rob said...

the Israeli rational for what they are doing in Gaza is laughable and absurd,,so much so that infact, you could not win in a head to head argument with mr Regev.
No matter what you said to him however accurate and truthful would make no difference.He has an agenda which does not include Morality, Truth or Reason.3 Qualities that lift humans (supposedly but not in this case) above the animal kingdom

Anonymous said...

None launched by Hamas! Hummm.
"And that's correct" - I hate to say this but it needs to be said. If that apologist was pressed further he'd probably say it was Palestinian youths firing the rockets. No extra conspiracy here I feel. The Ziofreaks don't need one.

Interesing the number of people that are turning against them, but while I wish that it would lead to a substantial change how the Israyhelli filth pit 'exists' I know the Ziofriendly scum ruling so many 'powerful' countries in the world, then will wage a war on their own people before they take action to scupper Israyhell.

This Mark Regev scumbag appears regularly on Al-Jazeera English(AJE). They treat him courteously to give this so called 'balanced reporting' but you'd be very hard pressed to see a Hamas representitive on the BBC in mirroring AJE.

No. What you get is some BBC reporter 'explaining' what is happening, never failing to emphasise and squarely equate the problem to the rockets - All for out benefit you understand. Nothing untoward.

rob said...

UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza