Saturday, January 10, 2009

When you realise just how truly crooked our system is it would be very easy to fall into despair

I just saw this Ron Paul clip on Lord Patel's blog...

as Lord P. points out, the almost cinematic silence at the end speaks volumes

It's not as if Paul was saying things his audience didn't know already



rob said...

This is the very reason Ron Paul SHOULD but never COULD have been President.
That was left to the slick, good looking, black guy salesman who's name rhythms with Osama..

Stef said...

Forget about being president, how is it he made Congress?

You can count the number of congressmen/ representatives who are even only vaguely truthy on one hand - Paul, Kucinich, McKinney

The question I ask myself is why does such an obviously effective filtration system give this handful of people an opportunity to speak?

The answer must be, I think, because it suits that system in some way

Anonymous said...

The answer must be, I think, because it suits that system in some way

1. Gives the illusion the system more is representative than it is (if those people can get in, anyone can, therefore anyone could, therefore i'm represented!)

2. False hope? (ron paul 08 etc.)

3. Marginalizes the issues loon congressmen champion by associating them with each other, prevents/avoids examination of ideas themselves

Off the top of my head (obviously)... kicker is, when I first read that post I rolled my eyes

Stef said...

yup, I'm afraid so

rob said...

It seems to me that it does not matter a fuck who says what in Politics.They can speak the highest truths.The most profound utterances,,it does not matter.The fix is in the agenda is set.Short of revolution nothing will or can be changed.

We even have Israeli psychopaths legitimizing war crimes on prime time tv when they should in fact be arrested and thrown in prison these criminals are treated like celebrities and given a world stage to spout their insanity.That´s how fucked the system is.
We can only comment and observe.Change will only come when the Nukes start to fly.
That´s the reality.

rob said...

someone else pissing against the wind.

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed discusses the need for a public enquiry into 7/7 the 9/11 commission , state sponsored terror and the nature of the term Conspiracy theory