Friday, January 30, 2009


All being well, I'm off out of the country for a couple of months as of the end of next week. And, if those couple of months go well, for a much longer period after that

Much is up in the air, much is uncertain, but that's the plan

Which means that this blog will be parked in suspended animation, for at least a while, in a few days. Not dead as such, just sleeping

Which is going to be a shame

I've genuinely enjoyed the input of the interesting collection of people who've taken the time to post comments and links here

We are most definitely not the only ones who can see and, no, you don't have to be a completely irrational nutcase to disbelieve Mainstream Narratives

And apologies to people who've written to me or posted links which I haven't followed up as promptly as they thought I might. Anything someone takes the time to show me gets looked at but there are only so many hours in the day to respond and react

Thanks to all,




paul said...

All the best, safe journey

Stef said...


not for a week or so yet

still time for the occasional bout of Loonery

rob said...

Well I hope you send a postcard.mulasta

Anti_NWO said...

Thanks to you too for providing this blog. Most other discussion forums or blogs don't take this kind of material seriously..

So, joining your other half I take it?

Dan Hind said...


Thanks for the work you've put into this blog - I've learnt a good deal.

I can't believe you'd want to leave South London for anywhere ...

Actually, as a long-term resident , I can, just about.

All my best,


Stef said...


cheers, yours is one of the emails I haven't had a chance to follow up on. I will be



Intelligent Designer/ The Force/ Blind Chance permitting

Anti_NWO said...

Lol @ Dan - London was bad enough before the current government, now I want to leave at the first opportunity.

Stef said...


There's nowhere to run to and if my other 1/2 didn't want to be back home I wouldn't be going there

Having said that, and for reasons I haven't been able to pin down, the UK really does seem to be at the cutting edge of so much of the awfulness that's being inflicted on the world

rob said...

I left the UK back in 96.Don´t miss it one bit.Will I go back??Maybe when I´m old if the wife snuffs it before me.Then again who knows.You never know what´s round the corner.

Edo said...

The very best to you Stef.

I'm sure we'll hear from you in due course!

Enjoy the uncertainty.


Anonymous said...

I fukt the UK off April and have never been happier. Have a good trip, but please, don't stop blogging.

Antipholus Papps said...

Just as I finally reciprocated your blogroll link too!

Thanks Stef for one of the very best blogs I've been lucky enough to stumble across. I have really appreciated your writing, your research and your wit.

I hope you can find time in your travels to continue sharing your thoughts and research.

In the spirit of Ken Kesey:



paul said...

Looks like we'll just have to make our own entertainment now
<checks ebay for prostate monitors/>

amigauser said...


typical, I only just found your blog, an now ur leaving.

I will just have to make do with Rense and Eco postman patel

Wolfie said...

Best of luck Stef, you will be missed. I've enjoyed our blogging antics these last few years.

I'll probably just hang about in the drizzle to await the glorious upturn in the UK economy that we have been promised or the second coming, whichever comes first.

Hey someone has to stay behind to lead that middle-class revolt!

VileVeil said...

good luck Stef, tho' I don't comment much I tune in every day to your blog and always enjoy and learn new stuff. hope to see you blogging again regular soon.


Anti_NWO said...


There's nowhere to run to and if my other 1/2 didn't want to be back home I wouldn't be going there

I think being in a major city is doing absolutely no good, especially when you're unemployed. Even within the UK, there are far better places than the overcrowded, overpriced police-state hellhole that is London.

Do you see where I'm coming from with this?

Stef said...

oh yes

Stef said...

Hey someone has to stay behind to lead that middle-class revolt!

I think the leaders have probably already been picked

Lynch them first

Stef said...

and if you use foreign exchange markets as a barometer of the state of the UK economy maybe things aren't so bad after all

a few days ago £1 bought you NZ$2.55

at close of business today nearer NZ$2.85

sterling's done equally well against the Euro in recent days

last week, George Soro's old pal Jim Rogers cries out to the world that the £££ is toast, sell, sell, sell

the pound weakens

a week later

George Soros announces he's no longer shorting £££

the pound strengthens


/scratches chin

Anti_NWO said...

Soros is pro-EU after all ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you and I wish you the best. I also hope you will return to blogging after you get settled in your new place.

Stef said...

like all the best Bond Villains I'm looking to relocate inside a hollowed out volcano on a Pacific island


jon doy said...

Coming soon: The International Conspiraloon™ Alliance

may be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, but as the saying probably doesn't go: better to be poor somewhere hot than not

/goes back to feeding fiat bank notes into chimnea

these word verifications are definitely some sort of mind control: weenow

Stef said...

not that hot

I should have said South Pacific Island

as in 'next stop Antarctica South Pacific'

where the sheep are cheaper and easily seduced by big city folk

but, yes, the Alliance is set to conquer another hemisphere - provided the bloke who still hasn't cleared my visa hasn't stuck my name in Google

Stef said...

...of course, once Man Made Global Warming kicks in being a stone's from from Antarctica will be the New Tropical

jon doy said...

lol stuck my name in google

hmm, near the Antarctic you say ?

make sure you keep your camera on you at all times with which to record the many flyovers emanating from the nazi ufo bases under the ice

maybe it's their alien-tech reactors under there melting the ice in the first place ?

Anonymous said...

All the best Stef, from one of the periodically posting anons here.

I think you'll really enjoy it out there. Please keep up the blog whenever you get time.

Anonymous said...

Ohh no! I hope it isn't true.

Wherever you are though, I'd appreciate your thoughts about the world on here. I hope you will continue to find the energy to do so.

Stef said...


as we both know the last Antarctic-based, boVril powered, Nazi flying disk was destroyed by Operation Highjump in 1947

Merkin said...

Orrabest, Stef.

Hope your researches in Darwinian taxonomy lead you to many antipodean marsupials as yet undiscovered.

jon doy said...

forgot about highjump

thinking about the boVril thing, goes some way to explaining this

Karl said...

Sorry to hear this m8, I check this blog daily and it will be sadly missed. Good luck m8.

paul said...

At least you'll be among like minded folk

Stef said...

I have indeed met with The Wizard

Of course, he was only a humble Archwizard back then

Parabellum said...

I surely hope you return, until then you'll be missed!

Listen and enjoy:

Anonymous said...

I left blighty myself a number of years ago. The new place/s come with their own challenges and rewards. On balance, the rewards outweigh the challenges, but in the frustration stupor it's easy to forget that.

I've been away about 8 years so the challenges have all but vanished now.

Now, when I go back to the UK I feel a strong sense of alienation.

Creature comforts slowly (sometimes very slowly) get exchsnged for others. Weird things like Paxo sage and onion stuffing no less!

But the wibbly wobbly web keeps us all connected. Thank God for the web!

Anonymous said...

Will miss the daily dose of this blog, so hope it continues...

Anonymous said...

Banker + gangster = bankster on BBC! Crikey! Wonder who it is that'll be sacked?

Anonymous said...

That is... Banker + gangster = bankster

Best action pic from Davos

Stef said...

Best action pic from Davos

It must have been

gyg3s said...

Stef, is this comment commensurate with your experience of Italy?

Parabellum said...

They are still made, those handcrafted conspiracy theories.

paul said...

/sniff :(

Stef said...

/scratch :)

BZ said...

Good luck with your endeavours