Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you won't broadcast the Gaza appeal then I will myself

Mr Tony Benn is one of the long list of state-sanctioned dissident, but only a little bit dissident, voices I am at best ambivalent about but I did enjoy this clip; more for the obvious discomfort of the State Broadcasting Company frontperson than anything Mr Benn says...

Apparently the BBC isn't supporting the Gaza aid appeal because some of the funds raised might end up being misused by a terrorist government

So, you know what to do about paying your state television tax next time it's due

And cheers to anon 22:41 for this link to a piece by John Mearsheimer which sums up the motivation for, and the results of, the recent slaughter pretty well...



Anonymous said...

at 2mins in the embedded video half way down

where she says
...the importance of the journalism is on reporting it, and I don't think emotive language [Re Tony Benn earlier] like that or indeed the levels of government discussion of this subject is really very apropriate for something as a STATE BROADCASTER [OOPS!!!!! ...stumbles a bit] as an INDEPENDANT broadcater not a state broadcaster, with really important duties of impartiality which audiences value and need.

Stef said...


Comedy Gold!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Uncle Tony is a state approved dissenter I think he is however, sincerely pissed off in this clip.I get the feeling that he almost cannot believe the BBCs attitude on the Gaza issue.
I´m Rob by the way.Google seems not to recognize me today.

Stef said...

Yes I think he is

as are one or two other people

For supposed super smart media geniuses the Lobby crowd sure have made a right dog's wotsit of information and perception management this last month

Stef said...

btw I would suggest that him not believing what the BBC is capable of is one of the reasons why he's a state approved dissenter

paul said...

Action Directe

Rory Winter said...

The good thing about this fiasco will hopefully be, as Craig Murray observes, that it will open the eyes of far more to the partiality of the BBC when it comes to reporting Israeli warmongering.

Mark Thompson, the Director-General, sounds increasingly pathetic with his weasel-worded attempts to justify the unjustifiable ... see

The BBC needs to be reorganised root-and-branch to flush out the embedded Zionists. Meantime, let's hope it won't be long before Thompson gets the heave-ho.

paul said...

You cant possibly send aid that might get into the hands of the democratically elected government!

Maybe the BBC could broadcast an appeal for money to help Israel block aid shipments as well, problem of impartiality solved!

rob said...

so who are the Zionists in sky management?

Sky has joined the BBC in deciding not to broadcast a charity appeal for Gaza, despite mounting political and public pressure for them to do so.

BBC boss Mark Thompson has again defended the decision, saying it would jeopardise the BBC's impartiality.

Stef said...


rob said...

Regarding the BBC's unwillingness to support the appeal for relief to the people of Gaza:
It is unconscionable that the BBC refuses to make a distinction between "unbiased reporting" (which apparently means, bending to lobbying pressure) and supporting the humanitarian action that is so urgently needed in GAZA ... whoever may be responsible for causing the destruction.

Over 3,000 innocents in GAZA caught in the cross- fire are dead or wounded ... families have been decimated ... whole communities have been leveled ... infrastructure has been destroyed ... and you refuse to join humanitarian efforts to bring aid to them.

What is the matter with you people? Are you blind or just spineless?

Innocent people urgently need supplies of food, water, medicines, shelter ... yes, and limbs too ... as a result of the annihilation of GAZA. Meanwhile, the BBC puts its corporate tail between its legs and hides behind the thinly-veiled excuse of "impartiality".
What's the difference between supporting an appeal for aid to the victims of a Tsunami and supporting a relief effort to the innocent victims of war ... any war?

As an independent broadcaster, the public mandate of the BBC should be to place it squarely on the side of HUMANITY. That being so, the BBC should be at the forefront of reporting the whole story even as it supports the greater cause of HUMANITY.
Shame on you! You have lost my respect and until the BBC can show me true "impartiality", the BBC can havemy TV license back.

David Soul - Actor

paul said...

Having watched it, its obvious why certain people wouldnt want certain other people seeing it.

Parabellum said...

A massive terror attack against an Israeli target in Europe has been thwarted in recent weeks, Channel 2 quoted security officials as saying Wednesday.

The attack, linked to the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, was foiled thanks to intelligence sharing between Israel and an undisclosed European country.

An undisclosed European country? Are there really people dumb enough to believe this kind of shit?

Parabellum said...

Since when does the US Press Club invite terrorists?

Parabellum said...

Jerusalem - birthplace of modern terrorism