Tuesday, January 06, 2009

If you want to win people over try not treating them like stupid dicks (or decapitating their children)

Anyone who's been trawling through the online news coverage and blogs commenting on the current Israeli assault on Gasa can't have helped but noticed that the GIYUS/ Hasbara astroturfers are out, pasting their mendacious justifications for slaughter, in force

What disgusts me most, aside from the slaughter itself, it just how fucking stupid most of their comments are

The tone of these troll comments seems pitched at someone with the intelligence of a 5 year old, or written by someone with the intelligence of a 5 year old

I'm not sure if that's because the racist, supremacist cocksuckers think us Goy are that stupid or if it's because they are that stupid

or, maybe, which is more than likely, a bit of both

Maybe you just can't get decent help these days

What I can say for sure is that, for me anyway, their efforts are having the exact opposite effect of the one intended


You do not win the kind of conflict the Israelis and Palestinians are engaged in with tanks and planes.

Those tanks and planes can kill a lot of people, sure enough, but for each person you kill another two or three vengeance seekers rise up and take their place

In the kind of conflict the Israelis and Palestinians are engaged in you either reach an accommodation with, or exterminate, the insurgent population before they out-breed you

The Israelis know that. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of military history knows that.

I, and a fair few other people, have a sick feeling that we know which long term, final, solution the current Israeli regime is aiming for

At the end of the day, no amount of feeble, patronising online trolling can hide the nature of the war that is being waged

This is not just a Hellfire missile. It's a specially programmed, melt in your classroom, school-seeking IDF Hellfire missile...


And, no, I'm not going to include in this post the almost mandatory 'I'm not Anti-Semitic but...' or 'There's a difference between Zionists and Jews...' style disclaimers.

When I mouth off about the excesses of the elites, paid shills and killers of other states, including the one I live in, I don't feel under any obligation to say 'I'm not anti Anglo-Saxon but...', so fuck that



Suspect Paki said...

Hasbara means never having to say you're sorry.

rob said...

the picture at the top of the page is hard to view.

Israel hits Gaza schools

rob said...

I wonder to myself how the other Arab nations ca´n sit back and do nothing??Iran or Egypt?maybe that is what Israel and the US are secretly hoping to happen?it would give them an excuse to widen the conflict.

rob said...

well at least Chavez is doing something.

Israeli envoy to Caracas expelled Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a hospital in Caracas (06/01/2009) Mr Chavez has often been critical of Israel and its policies Venezuela has ordered the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Caracas in protest at Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip. A number of diplomatic staff have been expelled along with Shlomo Cohen.

rob said...

video of 4 dead children in Gaza.

the father is saying
يا أيتها النفس المطمئنة ارجعي إلى ربك راضية مرضية فادخلي في عبادي وادخلي جنتي
What this kid did to Barak ?
Look at his head ...
Look at the second kid ... Look ...
It is a part of Barak's election campaign to kill innocent kids ...
God help us ... Barak killed my kids by shooting them ... Why ?
Look at the third kid he is 3.5 years old ...
Do you accept that to your kids ... ?
If someone do that to your kids you will burn him.
Why ?
Why ...

rob said...

Raw - Israeli attack on 4-storey building in Gaza kills 25 CLOSE [X] Israeli F-16 planes hit a 4-storey apartment building belonging to civilians in Gaza on Tuesday. While the building was razed to the ground, 25 people were killed in the building.

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while, Mr. Fish cartoons are really spot on.

Here are some more, mainly about the palestine topic.

Stef said...

In fairness to the IDF it must be very galling that the insurgents aren't finding some nice open fields to stand in with their small arms and toy rockets and waiting to be cluster bombed

It's a long recognized principle of insurgent warfare that you have to target the hearts and minds of the non combatant population to have a chance of a lasting solution

The IDF seem to be doing that alright, quite literally

Stef said...

maybe that is what Israel and the US are secretly hoping to happen?it would give them an excuse to widen the conflict.


Stef said...

well, it looks like the CIA guys are finally back from their Christmas holidays...

Al Qaeda Vows Revenge for Gaza

Anonymous said...

Or Shin Bet\Mossad? Remember the "Al-Qaeda" group that supposedly kidnapped an IDF soldier?

Anonymous said...

Shit Bet?
Yes, I remember them.

Anonymous said...

"well, it looks like the CIA guys are finally back from their Christmas holidays..." - LOL


Anonymous said...

Palestine Summary: Israel continued its attacks on Gaza on Tuesday, raising the Palestinian death toll to 573 and the number of injured to 2,600 by late Tuesday morning. Date: 6 January 2009 Shots: Shots from the city with smoke rising from several spots, sound of bombs, bombs attacking targets, fire rising over the city,

ziz said...

Dontcha just love this concept of the "Humanitarian corridor"..

Unfortunately having bombed the main highways to make them impassable the "Humanitarian supplies" (read the blogs from the pal solidarity folks in the anbulances) will need to be delivered on half tracks.

Note that Red Ken is totally silent about ;

1. What the Israelis / IDF are doing in Gaza

2. The very sensible decision by his pal Mr Chavez to kick out Mr Cohen, bag and baggage.

rob said...

Afshin Rattans reorts on Gaza

War on Gaza 6 January 2009 4

Anonymous said...

It's high time we all got behind Israel and pushed them horrible cunts to the bottom of the sea.

Stef said...

which would make the people doing the pushing as bad as them

There are, I suspect, an awful lot of Jews who support Israel either directly, or indirectly by standing back and keeping schtum, because of the idea that Israel makes a good 'Plan B' place to flee to when the day comes when us Wicked Gentiles inevitably revert to type and get some pogroms going

That is fucked up for so many reasons. Especially when you consider that it is the actions of Israel itself which fuel the bulk of anti-semitic sentiment that I've personally seen expressed

I've also seen a lot of commenting from reactionary types on the web who equate opposing the actions of Israel with being anti-Semitic with being Marxist/ Commie/ Left Wing

What those tards making those comments conveniently forget is that it was people 'of the Left' who opposed Mosley's Blackshirts, Nazism and Fascism and if anyone started persecuting Jews tomorrow it would be people of the left who would be at the forefront of resisting that

Anonymous said...

Belgian press yesterday:


Stef said...

"As a Vietnam veteran, I find what is going on in Gaza [and in Iraq and Afghanistan] to be so reminiscent of the thinking that went on in Southeast Asia over forty years ago and that is that the United States believed that they could crush an insurgency with overwhelming force. That idea and execution was a total failure. Israel seems to believe that if it somehow kills enough Palestinians [as evidenced by the Israeli ambassador's obsession with, as in Vietnam, body counts], regardless of whether they are members of Hamas or not, that it will defeat the Palestinians.

As this post sensibly points out, the best way for peace to occur is for Israel to lift the blockade. But since the Israelis seem determined not to engage in logical thinking, then the Palestinians, like the Vietnamese and the Iraqis and the Afghans, will continue to fight and resist against their oppressors.

Parabellum said...

I think Israel is buying itself time. As stef (and the war nerd) have pointed out, the Palestines will outnumber the Jewish Israelis and one day take the country - unless they are disorganized. This war is about decapitating Palestine. The Israeli government don't care if the leadership in Gaza is bad or good, they don't care if they send suicide-bombers or rockets. They just want to have Palestine disorganized, so they want interfere with the plans for Greater Israel.

Parabellum said...

And this reminds me of the Hasbara crowd:
How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic

Parabellum said...

"so they WON'T interfere with the plans for Greater Israel."

i need to go to bed...

Merkin said...


Stef, do tell us!

rob said...

some Conspiraloonery.(David Lynch style)

Here is a truck,a nice shiny demolition garbage truck.

here is a seldom seen video of the 911 attacks.

the shiny truck makes a sinister appearance at 9min 30 secs into the video.

I thought it might be a cgi generated animation.Whoever made the video seemed to some how be recording the event.

Parabellum said...

Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders


Welcome to new world, were a blogger can be a weapon of mass information.

Parabellum said...

@Rob: Nicely spotted, but it's just a truck to ferry away demolition debris. I would be highly surprised if you would *not* encounter such a truck (or its regional or local equivalent) on the streets of any larger city on any given week day.

Now if you would find video footage of a delivery truck of a demolition company at the WTC prior to 9/11, kind of the NYC equivalent of the Kingstar van at the 7/7 bus bombing site, ...

Parabellum said...

It's a conspiracy! At the address of the Manhattan demolition company 816 43rd Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101-6809, you find Retcon Mechanical, who make sprinkler systems! Sprinkler systems! And fire! And Retcon (retroactive continuity) is the deliberate changing of previously established facts in a work of serial fiction! See! SEE!!!1!ONE!!ELVEN!!! I TOLD YOU!

Seriously, can we stop this nonsense? Or make it at least funny and entertainmental?

Stef said...


It's like a MILF but with a Gordon

rob said...

It was the slow motion part of the video at 9.30 that sorta made me go whoooooooo?

rob said...

Anyawy I see Lebanon is getting drawn into the fray as reported by the BBC Israel war pimps.

Pimp my genocide

rob said...

I hate the BBC.
Really.They are a disgusting fuckin organization.Seriously mentally ill people work there.

This proves it.Sad cunts.I´m getting angry.

Gaza conflict: Who is a civilian? By Heather Sharp
BBC News, Jerusalem

The bloodied children are clearly civilians; men killed as they launch rockets are undisputedly not. But what about the 40 or so young Hamas police recruits on parade who died in the first wave of Israel's bombing campaign in Gaza?

rob said...

"The bloodied children are clearly civilians"

yes clearly,,,although maybe not as i´m sure their fathers or mothers belong to Hamas or have aunts or uncles that belong to Hamas so I guess the kids are kinda terrorist related so they ain't so fuckin innocent after all eh?

rob said...

The BBC play a sad psychological game in their reporting.They like to create uncertainty and Grey areas in public opinion.They try to present themselves as unbiased,they play devils advocate or try to rationalize the irrational.Sheer black propoganda at it´s very best.

Someone ought to start BBC watch to highlight and show up these evil fuckers

Stef said...

Someone ought to start BBC watch to highlight and show up these evil fuckers

someone already has...

Biased BBC

where you'll discover all about the BBC's pro-Muslim, pro-Islamic, pro-terrorist, pro Communist, anti-Israel bias

in my previous post I mentioned that Hasbara style propaganda is characterised by the contempt the people behind it clearly have for their target audience. That blog is an outstanding example of the chutzpahtastic genre

apparently, Western society is on the brink of being completely overrun by the Islamic hordes. The full imposition of sharia law upon White Christendom is but a few days away and the 'Marxist' BBC is on board with that agenda. It's a clash of civilisations we're engaged in and only Israel can save us

the really cunning thing about these Muslim hordes is that they're going to pull this off whilst having virtually no senior representation or influence over our parliament, judiciary, armed forces, security forces, banking system or communications media

the cunning, cunning bastards

when I see the kind of bigotry and stupidity I see displayed on that Biased BBC site and how easily people are suckered into supporting a particular supremacist lobby it's hard not to come away thinking that we in the UK really do need to learn some common sense and manners

Merkin said...


It's like a MILF but with a Gordon'


I think your wife has been away too long !!!

Stef said...


but my ticket out is booked

gyg3s said...

Hatfield Girl quick off the mark, here quoting the Czech President.

In short: he's a conspiraloon.

Stef said...

yes, it's clear that the poor soul was conspiracized by extremists some time ago

probably on a camping holiday

Anonymous said...


From Aunty Beeb:
Is Gordon Brown visiting your area? Is the company you work for expecting a visit? What do you think about his tour?

Anyone daft enough to post their dissatisfaction with Gordy Brown, visiting their factory, will (as sure as eggs is eggs) NOT be invited to be on the shopfloor tour route periphery