Saturday, March 17, 2007

Peculiar entry requirements

Yesterday the Mrs was doing a little surfing on my behalf, checking up on the New Zealand visa application process.

The Kiwi embassy in London is located in the inventively titled 'New Zealand House'.

- as is, she discovered, a speciality Bed and Breakfast in Fort Lauderdale, Florida...

I particularly recommend their 'rates' page, complete with a totally baffling picture of a hairy naked man standing behind a bush

Cruising through the New Zealand House site brought back amusing memories of a very entertaining couple of days in Key West where a similar dress code is in force.

It's worth noting in passing that, as well as being home to an unfeasibly large number of Ernest Hemingway look-alikes and a gay scene that leaves San Francisco looking limp-wristed in comparison, Key West is also home to that international ambassador for brotherly love and understanding David Irving (a man whose many lifetime achievements do not include being granted a New Zealand visa).

That fact that Irving chose to make a home in Key West of all places totally blows out of the water the old myth that Nazis are repressed homosexuals whose denial of their own nature has sent them insane.

There is no moral to this tale. Other than the fact that hairy naked men standing behind bushes are a lot funnier than invading Poland



Apprentice said...

Dropped my laptop a couple or 3 weeks ago, and have just got around to reinstalling my RSS reader.

By damn, look what I nearly missed!!

Stef said...

Hello Stranger

All well I trust?

(Love some of the pics you've been coming up with lately BTW)

Apprentice said...

Alle ist schon, and thanks. :)

Be dahn the big smoke 2nd week of April helping with #1 son's new flat, will mail you re a potential photowalk or two. I fully intend to produce some more defocus, so if you can suggest suitable Londonness to obscure, that would be lovely.

Stef said...

er... all of it?

Stef said...

/ kidding

Stef said...

... more pictures of the London Eye need to be OoF though

Apprentice said...

I'm sure I could arrange some OOF these days, with my new hard-won potatoshoppe skills. I'll never make an Ivan though, or even an Andertho. That's a good thing, right? :^)

Stef said...

Ivan's vision of photography is frequently misunderstood by many an artistic Philistine ... myself included