Thursday, March 15, 2007

Malleus Maleficarum (redux)

Well, here’s some news that must come as a slap in the face for all those pinko fag subversives who complain that years of unrelenting torture cannot achieve valuable results…

Presumably Khalid’s screams have been edited out to keep the document down to a manageable size and make it easier to read. As was Khalid’s admission that he had consorted with demons, assumed the form of a cat when the Moon was full and had copulated with Satan on numerous occasions...

Sheik Mohammed ... Self-confessed global terrorist mastermind and Satan-f^cker

I, for one, am convinced of his guilt in all these crimes and now realise that hurting people until they say what you want them to is a very good thing and that thanks to techniques like this the War on Terror will be over by Christmas.

I also think it's really great how all the newspapers and TV channels are downplaying and not get worked-up about the secret court/ torture side of the story. Cool.

A 17th Century artist's impression of life in Guantanamo

I'm feeling a lot of pride right now

...and trust

Pride, trust, and yes ... gratitude.



Anonymous said...

having just read mozzam begg's "Enemy Combatant" I have to agree with you.

paul said...

Where was he when jfk and john lennon were shot? Its very suspicious he hasn't mentioned these. A little more waterboarding will clear this up no doubt.

Stef said...

The key point that a lot of people are overlooking here is that indefinite detention without trial and torture are necessary tools in our epic struggle with those who hate our values and would take away our freedoms

And torture works! If it wasn't for torture our civilization would have been overrun by witches years ago