Thursday, March 01, 2007

That last post in summary

  1. The bulk of Left wing bloggers and sites out there appear to be giving in to the official line on the 7/7, tWoT business and it's fair game to revile anyone who hasn't.

    That is due in part to a sustained media campaign, people not being comfortable with the implications of doubting the official narrative, and, yes, a good number of ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are moonbats.

    Having said that, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that some of those moonbats deliberately set out to stigmatise perfectly healthy scepticism. It’s not as if it would be difficult to knock up a few sock puppet accounts is it.

    I am not singling out any one blogger or website for special attention.

  2. On the other hand, we've reached such a sad state of affairs that profound wank like this nonsense can now be passed off as popular activism and be greeted with barely a squeak of criticism.

    This is just one example. I could cite a depressingly large number of others. The only thing that has scared this government, or most other governments come to think of it, is the prospect of mass civil disobedience (and countermeasures are being prepared). That, combined with people thinking things through for themselves. Unquestioning worship of false prophets, getting pissed in a park and listening to a few bands, wearing sweatshop produced bracelets or buying shite cover singles on pay-as-you-go ain’t scaring anyone.

Right, it's back to linking to knob gags and Japanese toilet training videos for a while...


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Mr Sock said...

Who are you calling a f***ing puppet pal!