Friday, March 23, 2007


Reasons not to drink

1. It tastes like piss (and, yes, I have tried both)

2. This...

I'd like to claim that no British brand would ever be so crass as to try and sell beer by associating it with support for our nation's servicemen who have been thrown into the middle of a fuckup by lying scumbags but, to be honest, I can't

Budweiser: Official Beer of the 2006 World Cup and the 2003 Iraq War



Tony said...

"War, It's fantastic!"

Couldnt they keep their fucking great country for themselfes? Oh, sorry, I forgot, thats how their economy is wired.

Shutter said...

If it was my job to sell what passes for even neer beer that Bud / Michelob / Coors sells then I would sink lower than a snake's belly to do so.

But then as friends tell me, that wouldn't be difficult.

Stef said...



Good God!

What's it good for?

.. the defence industry, distracting people from domestic issues, maintaining the dollar as a reserve currency, opening up new markets for multinationals, bringing about the return of the Messiah, ensuring steady supplies of cheap bananas but aside from that...

Absolutely nothing!

I won't say it again