Saturday, March 03, 2007

All we are saying is give w^nking a chance

A commentator called Paul has made a very important point underneath one of my posts about the likes of Yours Truly directing negative rhetoric at "Ringtone Revolutionaries" and others engaged in patently ineffective, but occasionally lucrative, acts of protest.

As Paul rightly points out

"Don't mock, at least they're doing something!"

Indeed. And in that spirit may I recommend this equally worthy site

Well, it can't do any harm can it?



paul said...

I'm glad someones taking things in hand

paul said...

Is this the revolution's figurehead? Will he sweep che guevara from the nation's t-shirts?

Shutter said...

Jest not

Hence the expression in Lord Patel's offices about taking a break to lengthen the life of their prostate.

Stef said...

thanks, that's one less thing to worry about as I get older