Friday, March 30, 2007

The State Broadcasting Company strikes back

And for anyone who doesn’t subscribe to
BBC Newsnight’s daily emails …

Extract from the first email of the day from the
Newsnight team...

Those of us who inhabit the world of old media have learned the hard way to respect the power of the blogger. Over the past couple of years many an error, example of hypocrisy or attempted cover-up has been searingly exposed by the bloggers, and a few careers sunk.

We'd asked the fearless political blogger Guido Fawkes to make a film for Newsnight on what he sees as the failings of mainstream political reporting.

This was no trick, but at that point Guido was in a corner. His film had been an exhortation to programmes like Newsnight aggressively to empty-chair politicians who refuse to debate. While he himself prefers to operate in the shadows he could therefore hardly refuse, and a poll of his site's readers urged him overwhelmingly to appear.

The result, was a bit of car crash. Guido's keyboard-orientated pyrotechnics were no match for Michael White of the Guardian's verbal swordsmanship.

But hats off to Guido for entering our world. He'll be back.

Well, that’s not patronising, self-congratulatory wank at all is it?

I saw the interview in question and it wasn’t so much the poor performance of the blogger that struck me, and it was poor, it was the thinly disguised sense of anger and hate coming off both Michael White and Jeremy Paxman. They fucking hate blogs. And White was more than happy to lie through his teeth to score some points

Jason Statham doing his ever-popular Michael White impression

And then, tucked away in the second email of the day from the
Newsnight team...


Following death threats famous US blogger Kathy Sierra has called on the blogosphere to combat the culture of abuse online. She has had to cancel public appearances as a result. We'll be interviewing her live on blogger bullying - should there be any limits in the blogosphere?

Methinks I'm starting to see a theme developing here

Fuck ‘em


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