Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What's it good for?

Well, it looks like the Megaphone and BNP sock puppets are out in full force, commenting on the BBC 'Have Your Say' page on the current 'crisis' between Britain and Iran.

This crowd's touching concern for our servicemen is bringing a lump to my throat

Apparently, there are a lot of people out there who seem to think that 'We' should reduce Teheran to rubble...

'Nuke them back to the Stoneage'

'Iran give us back our people that they have taken by force, or we take back our people by the same force and level Tehran in the process'

'Next turn, why wouldn't the mullas simply put a nuclear warhead on a postal box elsewhere?'

and so on, and so on

There are significantly fewer comments on Craig Murray's posts on the subject, where he tries to warn people about taking what the British government (his former employer) is saying at face value. A point of view which isn't getting much airtime in the mainstream press.

Time and time again, our government has been caught out lying through its teeth about what is happening in the Middle East, and pretty much everything else come to think of it. Most recently, it has been shown that when Downing Street dismissed the
Lancet's estimate of 655,000 Iraqi civilian dead as being unreliably high last year the government's own advisers were confidentially reporting that the figure was probably an underestimate. Has anyone in the mainstream run with that story? Nope. Is the BBC treating government claims about the circumstances behind the current situation with Iran with even the slightest trace of healthy scepticism? Nope

Or has anyone raised the subject of the USS Vincennes shooting down Iran Air Flight 655 and killing 290 people in 1988? Round about the time the US was pressuring Iran to make peace with Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. The US government claimed that the Vincennes was sailing in international waters and thought it was under attack. In truth, the ship was sailing in Iranian waters and wasn't being attacked. The guy who shot the airliner down was given a medal...

for shooting down a civilian airliner... in peacetime... whilst trespassing in another country's territory

If that isn't fucked-up I don't know what is.

Come to think of it, has anyone had the bollocks to contrast the way the Iranians are dealing with their captives with the way we in the Coalition of the Free treat some of our captives?

Of course not

The collective amnesia, bias and hypocrisy of our media is staggering. And people fall for the same old bullcrap time and time again.

One of the reasons a country as small as Britain, with its relatively small army, managed to conquer an Empire as large as it did in the 19th century was that the people who led Britain back then were smart enough to get other stupid Muppet bastards to fight Britain's wars on our behalf.

And I can't shake the feeling that it's now our turn to be the Muppets.

It's quite to difficult to fully communicate how powerless and disgusted I feel at the way my country has been manipulated, and is being manipulated, into fighting other people's bloody wars

And what can I do about it aside from rant in a blog?

Absolutely nothing...


Good God!

What's it Good for?

the defence and security industries, distracting people from domestic issues, maintaining the dollar as a reserve currency, opening up new markets for multinationals, bringing about the return of the Messiah and ensuring steady supplies of cheap drugs and bananas

but aside from that...

Absolutely nothing!

I won't say it again



Shutter said...

If you look very carefully at the maps of the Shatt el Arab ( the young male inhabitants of which Mr Thesiger found such delightful cpmpanions)you will find there is a little cove or Gulf just by where the Royal Navy (whose female staff member had thoughtfully been fillumed (quite coincidentally) the day previously by a BBC crew who just happened to be in a very tense and volatile area) were catchin gtheir lunch, sunbathing when they were so rudely interrupted .

My eyesight is none tood good but I can just make out G'ul'f of T'onk - in. Is this significant ? Probly not

Stef said...

Ms Turney seems to have been quite busy giving interviews just before being captured. She managed to fit the Independent in as well as the BBC