Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The noble art of the protest song lives on...

Here's one in the eye for grumpy old bastards (like me) who say that the youth of today are apathetic and lack the passion or the vision to get worked up about things that matter...

The heart-rending tale of just how sucky the new Sony Playstation 3 is, particularly compared to the Wii; jam-packed with raw emotion and genuine pathos

I was in tears before the song had even finished

Bob Dylan and Joan Baez eat your fucking hearts out

I'm still half convinced it's a joke but 475,000 views and 2,685 comments can't be wrong

And what sophisticated comments they are too...

"I wish this was on itunes to download on my ipod"


At times like this I have to work very hard not to believe that the entire human race is doomed...

It'll be the 40th anniversary of Woodstock in a couple of years. Maybe when the inevitable commemorative concert is held all the performers could get together and sing updated versions of classic favourites; reworked to reflect more contemporary, consumerist concerns...

'The Ring Tones They are a Changing'
'This Nokia is Your Nokia'
'Wii! (What's it good for?)'
'The Star Spangled iPod'

and a track from my generation, the unforgettable...

'(Buy one get one) Free Nelson Mandela!'

and, of course, a cover of Janis Joplin's...

'Mercedes Benz'

...the cool thing being that there's no need to change any of the lyrics as people will now take them at face value and think the song is about how great buying stuff is. The day that song was used to actually
advertise Mercedes' really should go down in history as marking the final and absolute defeat of the 1960s in general and hippies in particular

You lost ... Losers


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Shutter said...

Me. I'm waiting for Billy Piper to sing
"Oh Lord won't you buy me a Qashquai"

..and I will.